Golden Globes make-up disasters

I really have no idea what happened this edition on the red carpet at The Golden Globe Awards but it was all scary and amateuristic. In my humble opinion it was a total disaster and I am quite surprised and annoyed for  having so many bad make-up /hair examples and lack  Hollywood glamour.
Just have a look and cry !

Louise Roe‘s false eyelashes looks like they are very heavy and she is wearing some uninspired lip color that doesn’t match her dress or the rest of her make-up.

Elisabeth Moss had no time to wash her hear before this event and about her terrible make-up I only have one thing to say :cheap lipstick give a cheap look.Bleahh....

    Jacqueline Bisset. I have no words to describe my feeling regarding the make-up and hair here. 

 Kaley Cuoco, beautiful woman but her eye makeup was to much for this event and in my opinion  green eyeshadows are not for such event like Golden Globe Awards.Again,sadly I am not a celebrity make-up artist so what do I know !

 Lena Dunhamm,I think she had no make-up artist and she did it all by herself: smeared and cheap  lipstick and extremely bad eyeliner ...... Is it me or one of her eyes looks smaller in this  picture..hmmm must be the bad eye-makeup effect.

Zosia Mamet, had a very bad make-up artist who made her eyes look super small and her mouth look nonexistent by using such a pale lipstick.I had no idea that the pale nude lipstick was such a trend and I am a bit confused as I thought dark and red lips are/were on trend .The round earrings she is wearing are just so trashy, super cheap and they annoy me.Bleahh and more bleah.

............ and when I thought it can't get worst I saw Taylor Schilling !!!!!!

Taylor Schilling, another make-up disaster. Her eye shadow looks dirty, not blended and the eyeliner doesn’t flatter her face. She also had no money to invest in a good lipstick like so many other divas.Actually if I think better I tend to believe she is wearing a make-up  that was on her face for more than 2 days in a row (you will see what I mean if you take a close -up look ).

Kelly Osbourne, perfect skin, to bad about her lips.Her lipstick choice wasn’t so flattering, but comparing to the rest I think she did much better. Once again we see that make-up is not just about eyes.

Jennifer Lawrence, wears heavy foundation that makes her look aged and her red-brownish, shimmery lipstick doesn't compliment her at all. I almost did not recognize her.

Rocsi Diaz,her make-up is not blended and her concealer is to light. HD can be very tricky for some,now every little small detail is visible.

The list can go on with Emma Watsson(she had a white cast on her face, probably her makeup artist forgot to blend the powder) and maybe with  many other celebrities but I don't want to make this  post longer than it is already.

Why do I criticized so much ? First of all I am just annoyed at the ""artists"" who made all these uninspired low-quality looks and second of all because all the random, ordinary people like you and me watch this event and we expect to see something that please the eye not something that give a headache.

If you also have opinions about the Golden Globes looks you can drop me a comment below.


  1. I agree with your critics :)...and I don't understand why Jacqueline Bisset doesn't take more care of her appearance, she is such a beautiful woman, but her hair is awful and I think she did the make-up's depressing; Kelly Osbourne, on the other hand, I think she looked awesome...I now that some colour on her lips look great, but I guess, that the colour in her hair gives the entire ensemble the right amount of colour.

  2. It seems the make-up artists were to busy posting on instagram :))))).Kelly looks great, but at one point her lips looked like they were all covered in foundation not lipstick and the texture of her lips was dry and way to pale.She really does much better than in the past.

  3. I didn't notice the make-up but now with these photos you are right! What I noticed is that most of the Stars were wearing TERRIBLE dresses! For instance, Sandra Bullock, what was she thinking????

    1. Yes Vanda,same I can say about Zoe Salndana who was wearing also a horrible creation of Prabal Gurung (a dress with cat ears to the bust-line), same designer for Sandra Bullock,if I am not mistaken.I am super super disappointed.

  4. Yes, it seems all divas are on a budget nowadays. Perhaps they should learn to do their own make up instead.