How I take care of my skin and hair during Winter

     Feeling a little unsexy this winter season? Dry skin, frizzy hair and a flaky face can make you feel like that.

        Many of us tend to think that summer can be more skin/hair damaging than winter, thanks to all the overexposure to sunlight, chlorine, and saltwater, but this is not true. Winter comes with its own set of weather-induced frustrations like dullness, itchy scalp, frizzy hair, dry sensitive skin prone to eczema, redness or rashes and let's not forget about chapped lips. Sounds like it is more than we can take!

        During winter my skin becomes quite dry and sensitive, mainly because of the cold wind outside (often windy in The Netherlands) and the indoor heat. Winter is a moisture thief and cold winter air mixed with annoying wind have an extraordinarily low moisture content, to the point where they will steal moisture from your skin and hair. This is why the best saving idea is to pre-protect your skin by applying moisturizing cream before you get dressed and step outside. Prevention is more valuable than several applications of cream after you're already red, dry and itchy.

       This winter I introduced in my skin regimen, as daily moisturizer under my make-up, a rich hydrating cream from Avene especially made for dry to very dry sensitive skin, just like I have these days .

        I find it is a great moisturizer, also for anyone who has dry skin as a result of acne medication. Non-greasy finish plus soft, supple skin. It is basically an immediate fix for your skin due to its rich formula. 

        Another great winter moisturizer for me is Aqualia Thermal Rich from Vichy. I've got it as a gift from Vichy, back in December for Christmas. Very smooth, non greasy with amazing scent, Aqualia Thermal Rich is the cream that gives 48 hours of hydration for my sensitive skin. It has no parabens and is non-comedogenic, it sinks into my skin very quickly. Feels very light once I apply it on my face and is also an excellent make-up base.
I don't think I will have any winter without this cream from now on, it makes my skin look much more firm, plumped and smoother. It's just impossible for me to choose just one of these two moisturizers. Both are great for myself. For days at home with no make-up I prefer Avene Hydrance Optimale Rich and for under make-up Aqualia Thermal Rich from Vichy, that simply melts in my skin.

      Regarding lips, I find that one lip balm is not enough and every lip-gloss I've used dries the lips even more so I just prefer Vaseline Therapy Lips with Almonds and Rose.

       During night, after I remove my make-up, and with few hours before sleepy time, I use no cream but an anti-oxidant skin oil, rich in vitamin E, A, B5 and Callendula Flower Extract; Carota Sativa Root Extract and Almond Oil. I use only a few drops and massage it on my face, neck line, cleavage and hands. In the morning my skin is supple and super soft.

        This is one of my favorite skin oils, to be used everywhere on my body, even on my hair before washing. This oil is made by a Dutch company, but you can find something similar around your city, in local shops that sell cosmetics based on plants. All you have to do while using oil on your face is to choose it carefully as not all oils are appropriate for the face, I advice you to look for "non-clogging" oils, like avocado oil, primrose oil, almond oil or grape seed oil. 

        Not only your face needs attention and care but also your hands, and your  hair. Low temperatures and low humidity levels raise my risk of eczema; skin can become itchy, blistery and cracked and broken skin is a recipe for infection.

         For my body, after showering (never with hot water, just nicely warm) I mix a few drops of my skin oil in my lotion from Yves Rocher. Most of the time I prefer to use just the oil as the skin gets much more soft, but when I am in a rush I need something that is faster absorbed in my skin. Yves Rocher Almond Nourishing Lotion for dry skin is parabens free, with organic almond oil and humectants (a class of substances including glycerine, sorbitol, and alpha-hydroxy acids, that attract moisture to your skin).
For hands I plan using rubber gloves when doing the dishes, this way I also save my manicure, and I really need to keep a jar of cream by every sick in the house.

        Winter can easily translate into hair breakage also, my hair tends to be drier during winter months and only the use of a hair conditioner is not enough, not even close. I treat my hair twice a week with a deep conditioning treatment. I also use hair oil: L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil. It can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment, as a styling aide for use on both dry and wet hair or as a finishing touch. This oil adds extra shine, softness and on wet hair before blow drying gives a wonderful glossy finish. This winter I love my hair and my hair loves me back.

What are you doing this winter to keep your skin healthy? If  you have any tips for healthier beautiful skin and hair during winter, please share them with me.


  1. I hate winter. Great post! I also use Vaseline on my lips,but I have the green one .

  2. Produsele Avene le-am folosit si eu o perioada, nu m-au impresionat prea tare. Inca sunt in cautarea produselor care sa faca ce promit. Foarte utila postarea.

    1. Din nefericire acelasi produs nu functioneaza la fel pentru fiecare dintre noi.Si eu sunt in cautarea produselor "minune", cam rar dar am mai gasit.

  3. Replies
    1. :)))) Thx Carmen, ma bucur foarte mult :*

  4. Inca nu am gasit crema aia care sa ma ajute la ten iarna, dar la mine e dificil pentru ca e greu sa gasesc creme la care nu sunt alergice si daca le gasesc pe cele la care nu sunt alergice asta nu inseamna ca sunt si bune si tot asa :) Recunosc ca ptr maini folosesc una din cele mai vechi creme de maini pe care le stiu- Farmec cu glicerina :) O folosesc ptr ca da roade si ma ajuta mereu cand am mainile crapate.

    1. recunosc si si eu cand eram in Ro. foloseam foarte mult crema Farmec cu glicerina dar si alte produse de la ei, cele din gama Aslavital imi plac foarte mult. Si eu am o piele super sensibila,iar de cand m-am mutat in NL. am eczema cauzata de climatul de aici :( ,pielea mea dar si parul au devenit extrem de uscate. Pe mine m-au ajutat foarte mult Homeoplasmine, Weleda Skin Food pe care le aplic si pe ten si pe buze dar si pe maini. Vichy Aqualia Thermal si cea de la Avene sunt pentru orice sezon la mine, deja iarna aceasta am trecut la ceva mult mai onctuos pt ca vantul mi-a "prajit " pielea. Poti sa cumperi o sticluta de glicerina si sa pui in sapunul lichid ca sa mai atenuezi din efectul de uscare.

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