How I Protect My Dyed Hair

I've got beautiful, color-full hair and I want to keep it that way.I am sure nobody want
their money to wash down the drain right along with the freshly done, beautiful hair color.
The latest research shows as much as 80 percent of color fade is caused by water alone, not shampooing, that means color's worst enemy is water.
I dye my hair for more than 15 years, from black to brown and from brown to red, have not been blond ... yet!! From my experience with colored hair I know it needs special care and protection. I love to have a vibrant color and in the same time a shiny bouncy hair that brings me a lot of compliments. Recently I've been asked what is my hair care routine and what products I use to style my hair, so I thought would be a nice idea to make a post and share some of my beauty tips with you and of course maybe some of you would love to share their secrets back with me. 

This is how I take care of my colored /dye hair without breaking the bank.
First of all the state of my/your hair is an indication of your general state of health. Make sure you drink plenty of water and fruit juices, and keep hydrated. Your whole body will appreciate it, and you will find the effect reflected in your hair and skin. And if your hair is better hydrated, the color will last longer. 

On a second place you should know that each time you change your hair color, more chemicals are needed to achieve the desired effect, and more chemicals means more damage to your hair. So, if you want to make a big dramatic change, try to do it gradually: your hair will thank you (specially,for when you want to go from dark hair to light blonde in just a day).
Now back to the water, worst enemy of your colored hair.While washing use a special
protecting shampoo and conditioner, they are specifically formulated to be both gentle and protective to your hair, and no it does not have to be from a fancy hair salon.

For example I get along wonderfully with Pantene Pro V Color Therapy,the entire color care range, from drugstore. My hair is thick and dry, also with 40% grey hairs and quite difficult to style.For the past 2 years I have dye it in red brown chestnut shade and red shades are difficult to keep and maintain.To keep the color vibrant and shiny I mix Pantene Pro V Red Expression  shampoo with Pantene Pro V Color Therapy shampoo.

After every wash I use a conditioner from the same range and once a week Color Seal Concentrate,a very intensive treatment. Color Seal Concentrate has an advanced formula: seals the surface of your hair, helps repair the look of your damaged hair and gives you color protection against fading.

 You might also consider to use a leave-in conditioner. To be honest I don't use this type of product as it makes my hair to sticky and my scalp itchy.The only leave- in hair moisturizer  I love is Elvive (Elseve ) Extraordinary Oil with UV filter.
Another important step is to guard your hair against heat damage like curlers and flat irons, because they will cook your hair and strip the moisture out of it .So before you rich for your curler or your blow dryer you have to put some heat protection on. I use Elnett Satin heat protection styling spray from L'Oreal.From everything I've tried in the past this is the product that given me big bouncy celebrity hair.

For styling I have a special brilliant color hairspray from Wella, and it leaves my hair super flexible, non sticky and shiny. For extra moisture, brilliance and fabulous oriental jasmine scent I use EverRiche Absolute Oil from L'Oreal. After I apply this precious oil my hair feels   beautifully nourished, weightlessly flowing with a brilliant shine, as if illuminated. Hair just feels like cashmere to touch.
EverRiche Absolute Oil from L'Oreal has sulphate and paraben free formula and that will be so helpful and calming for sensitive itchy scalp and is a great alternative for the pricey Moroccan Oil. 

This is how I take care of my colored/dye hair without breaking the bank.
Hopefully you can find some important information and details in this post that can help you protect your dyed hair !


  1. I used to have the Elvive extraordinary oil and thought it was only ok, I didn't think it was doing much for my hair.....that was until I stopped using. It was only I realised how AMAZING it really is.
    I really want to get my hands on the EverRiche Absolute Oil , especially since its sulphate and paraben free!! I really enjoyed your post. I love reading about other peoples tips and tricks!
    I'm having a giveaway over on my blog if you'd like to check it out!
    Katie xxx
    Too Many Freckles

    1. EverRiche Absolute Oil smells amazing, very strong oriental Jasmin scent.I am happy you had time to visit and read this post.Thank you sweety.

  2. Thanks for your tips! I could not agree more on how important it is not to bleach your hair or expect miracles from the hairstylist, to use heat protection before using styling tools, to get enough moisture in your hair from the hair care products and also from your food and water intake.

    1. Dear Laura,I forgot to mention the benefits from the natural oils (almond,coconut and olive) hair mask

  3. Before starting blogging I used to like L'Oreal shampoo, conditioner and mask for coloured hair, they were very good. I even asked a friend of mine to buy me a L'Oreal Ever Rich mask from abroad but she couldn't find it and brought me Moroccan Oil instead (as a present). I must say I was not very impressed by MoroccanOil's results. I would buy the L'Oreal oil instead, that way I won't break the bank.

    1. Olivia,I used Redken, also kind of expensive and I saw nothing than just a hole in my wallet.Here in Holland we have Moroccan shops with pure argan oil, and I think is much cheaper and much better than the cosmetic famous MoroccanOil,but I am sure you can also find pure argan online on bio-shops in Romania.I am quite happy with Pantene at the moment but soon I think I will redirect myself to L'Oreal because I 've heard they will not sell Pantene here anymore.

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  5. Seriously, i would kill for that Red Expressions Shampoo..i don't think I can find it in Romania, and this is so sad...If you have any idea for some color depositing shampoos that I can find in Romania, it would be awesome :) Anyway, amazing tips, love them. And that Elvive oil will be mine! Thank you so much for this amazing post ! Really helpful! Have an amazing day!

    1. Dear Ilinca,for a while I also can't find it anymore. You can try DM shop , maybe you find it there.Thank you for the visit, I am so happy you liked the post :*