My beauty and lifestyle resolutions for 2015

I have no idea if someone would be interested to read about my beauty and lifestyle resolutions for this new year of 2015. In the beginning I did not really want to write about it, but well, maybe, someone will get inspired from it and will end up as a helpful note. If not, at least will be a reminder for me to just be better and do better.

So far I started this year with positive thoughts and good intentions. I am usually hard working and very persistent with my goals and also quite persuasive for others, so for me is not gonna be so hard and dramatic to reach my resolutions this year :). In the end if you want to do it you will do it, if not, you will find excuses !
Here is my long list of small changes and resolutions for a better life and a better me. 

1.Eat less chicken and in general less meat.
2.Drink more water! I will never refuse again someone who offers me a glass of water.
3.Eat more apples, even if they are not my favorite and also I want to use less sugar in general.

4.Read more books, have more tea and less coffee, more dark chocolate and less cookies. All of this go together hand in hand. I simply  cant do reading without tea and tea without cookies.
5.Spend less time indoor with my iPhone and spend more time in the nature! I really need this.
6.Try to step out of my comfort zone. Try to be more open, social, determined and organized.
7.Invest more time in myself and in my education, get better with my foreign languages and my professional  make-up skills.
 8.Do my best to give my body the sleep it craves every night. No more Instagram, internet after 23.00. Sleeping before 23.00 will make me be more active, more vibrant, will give me a better mood and I will have less lines and dark circles around my eyes.
 9.Exercise my body more, use my bike more often and try not to find lazy excuses. 
10.Floss daily! The toothbrush alone can clean only about 65% of your teeth, and a great healthy smile is always important and a must have for me.
11.Protect and save my hair! I vow to use less hairspray and to use heat protective oil on my hair before I blow-dry it. Use regularly argan/olive/rice oil to feed my hair.
12.I want to be more diligent about applying hand cream, especially after washing my hands. I almost never did it in the past and now I regret it.
13. Never sleep with my make-up on, not even if is just mascara. Anyway, I don't think I ever did such a crime against my skin.
14.Using Retinol, a vitamin A derivate, to fight against wrinkles, dark spots and dullness.
15.Moisturize my skin with natural, organic oils every time after a shower.Use more cosmetics and make-up with less parabens, fragrance free and less harsh preservatives.
16.Try to convince my boyfriend to give up on soda and chips :)

17.Relax, travel, have some fun and worry less.
18.Be more creative .

Quite a long list! I think my only problem will be cutting off some of the Instagram -time :))
Do you have any resolutions and goals to achieve in 2015?
My advice to myself and to any of you is to make the changes we want and need with patience and consistency, without comparing yourself to someone else.
Before you know it, you'll see the improvements you've always wanted. Stay positive !

I wish everyone a most stunning year and hope you find my  resolutions inspiring. I would also love to find out your resolution(s) for 2015, so please don't hesitate to leave me a comment below.


  1. I want to achieve 1-18 as well haha! Let's do this and thank you, same to you- good luck girl! x

  2. What great resolutions , very interesting post.
    I want to read more , get out more and be "healthier" good luck xox

    1. At the moment I need better weather, kind of stormy and super wet :)).Thx a lot you are very sweet .xoxo

  3. Dorinte care sa te implineasca ca om, sa fii mai sanatoasa, mai energica, mai productiva, doar ganduri bune vad aici, cu perseverenta sa iti indeplinesti tot ce ti-ai propus, putin cate putin, zi de zi! :*