Hold on to your beauty even after 30, new beauty rules and skin care perfecting routine

I was planning for a while to write about some beauty struggles and tips for everyone that has faced the big 30 but also for anyone else that has interest in beauty overall.
Skin is always changing because is alive, one day can be dry as heel and other day can look gorgeous or full of breakouts.

30's is the perfect time to take your skin care regimen more seriously if you haven't done that yet!
 Your skin care routine should no longer consist just of the basic products (cleanser, toner, moisturizer). You must add new products that can bring lots of  beauty benefits, like serums, dry oils and eye creams. 
Do you have a night skin care routine ? If you don't have yet you should make one starting with today. To take a peek at my overnight beauty routine, just click here.

 Invest in good skin care to fight against those fine lines, dark circles and bad skin texture.

 I know that you probably don't have much free time but now and then indulge in face masks, get facials, go to a spa because this will beat your stress down and help you stay radiant and glowy. Use a clay mask to detox your skin by deeply clean the pores and to take out all of the nasty stuff.

If you have breakouts, in your 30's, the best way for you is to spot treat blemishes. This way you will only treat areas that need this special care and attention, instead of using harsh acne products all over your face. I recently tried VICHY NORMADERM Triple Active 3 in 1 cleanser, scrub and mask and I love it because it keeps skin so clear and fresh. This product combines resurfacing Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid and micro-exfoliating LHA to target imperfections and refine skin texture. 

Don't forget to exfoliate ! The best way to exfoliate and reveal new healthy skin is to use acid serums and lotions. Exfoliating acids like glycolic, lactic and salicylic will dissolve pigmented cells, refine and minimize large pores and keep your skin bright and blemish free.  Paula's Choice has one of the best glycolic exfoliants I have been using, but also serums packed with antioxidants.

Never skip SPF ! Sunscreen should be essential at any age, not just when your 30. Many people don't use sunscreen because some products they tried caused them breakouts, it happened to me also. I encourage you to keep looking for a formula that can work great for your skin. If you use foundation, chose one that has SPF and do same with your lip balm.
Le Tan Daily Face Sheer Tint SPF 30+  is not a foundation or a BB/CC cream, it is my favorite face sunscreen with a very sheer tint and a very light coverage, but also a great primer under foundation and concealer.

Eyebrows naturally grow less and shorter as you age so it is about time you stop overplucking them. Instead of overplucking your eyebrows you should  moisturize them, along with the rest of your face and neck.

Eat well! One of my most popular post is about 10 foods for beautiful skin.You should check it out :). Read more about it here
Don't forget about supplements: vitamin C, E and Omega  3-6-9 will boost your skin with luminosity and elasticity.

Exercise.I don't go to the gym anymore but I bike and take long walk in the nature. This reduce stress and keeps me slim and slender. Fresh air and oxigen helps the cell renewal processes and make you sleep better at night. Better sleep, better skin and no dark circles !

Regarding makeup, for a daytime eye makeup look, be sure to stick with neutral colors. Unless you are ready to take a real risk, don’t try out bold neon colors or eye shadow trends you’ve seen on social media. Do not take the trends literally as they are meant to be an inspiration and not be taken as the absolute.

A little bit of blush can go a long, long way to make your cheeks appear warmer and to lighten up your entire face. As long as you don 't over contour and sprinkle Mary Lou-Manizer all over your face, you should end up looking beautiful, elegant and perfect. All you need is a flush of youth and a healthy glow and most of the time this glow should come from inside your skin.

These are my tips and I hope you find them helpful.  I bet you already know most of them but is always good to keep updated with some new info :) I would really love to know other beauty tips that can help me look amazing, please don't be shy and share your beauty tips in the comment section.


This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own and I genuinely like and use these products.

Thank you for your visit and I am always expecting your feedback !


  1. I totally agree that your thirties is the time to reaalllly take care of your skin. I love the estee lauder advanced night repair! xxx

  2. Great Tips!
    I definitely agree that since turning 30 I invest more in my skin then I used too.
    I quite like ANR too, Its one product I go back to every now and again.

    1. Thx sweety ! ANR is one of my favorite products and is indeed an investment for the future.

  3. Great tips indeed! I am so happy I got myself a good skincare routine in my late twenties that I can now tweak to suit the changes my skin goes through in the years. I find that one of the most challenging and yet important things is to get to know your skin, listening and understanding when hydration is needed or when balancing ingredients are necessary.

    1. You could not say it better ! Thank you, Alice :*

  4. Great post, with lot of good tips :) I'll be turning 30 next year, so I really need to start wearing more SPF x

    Pink Frenzy

    1. OH someone si still in her 20's :)))) enjoy !

  5. foarta utila postarea, eu inca nu m-a gandit sa scriu una de genul dar cred ca o voi face....serumurile am inceput sa le introduc si eu de vreo cateva luni si chiar am avazut o imbunatire considerabila

    1. Ma bucur ca ti-a placut, astept nerabdatoare si postarea ta.

  6. I have to admit that I do now take more care of my skin than I ever used to!

    1. well, we don't call you a beauty king for nothing :)))

  7. Great post and tips! I am 31 so I can totally relate to this post. I agree with your blush tip, my make-up is not finished until I sweep on some blush to warm up my cheeks ♥