2015 -2016 Beauty Empties #4 ( body )

Some of these empties are finished in 2015 and just a small part in 2016. I had again few plastic bags full of empty junk ; and here is just the body section. Let's see what I have been loving and what did not worked out so great for me.

1. Kneipp Almond-Argan Shower 0il, 200 ml. Such a luxurious spa every time with everything from Kneipp. Soap-free, paraben -free, 70% natural ingredients, without mineral oil and so gentle with my dry skin. It smells delicious, leaves skin clean, smooth and soft. In my opinion Kneipp has the best bath products, similar to Rituals but more affordable and for shower I do prefer Kneipp over Rituals. I won't let go this product and I will always repurchase it.

2. Kneipp Sugar Body Scrub, Argan Oil and Fig, 200ml. Probably my favorite scrub, it smells amazing and leaves the skin super soft and with a special glow. Great product with very good ingredients. Loved it and I will repurchase it.

3. DECLEOR Aroma Cleanse Toning Shower Gel, 40ml. This shower gel is very fresh, has ginger extract and has a tonic and invigorating effect. Great for in the summer and after an exhausting work out. Because of the price I don't think I will buy it, but overall is a great shower gel with lots of essential oils.

4. KORRES Santorini Vine Shower gel, 40 ml. This shower gel has an invigorating blend of fruit enzymes, wheat proteins, aloe vera, vitamins and antioxidants. It smells really exotic and has a nice velvet foam, but quite expensive for me. I loved it but I don't have a big budget for showers and I don't think I would buy it.

5. Dove Invisible Dry, 75ml. Works great for me and I will repurchase it.

6. Rexona Aloe Vera Fresh,75 ml.

7. Dove Soft Feel, 75ml. I find it a little bit sticky and it has a very strong smell. I did not get along with it and I will not buy it again.

 8. Rexona Linen Dry, 75ml. It smells really nice and soft, better than the aloe vera version, I might consider to repurchase it.

Between Dove and Rexona I prefer Dove, even if 10 years ago I really would have choose Rexona. Dove Invisible Dry works really great for black and other vibrant colors. It does not stain at all  and the smell is very soft. As regarding the antiperspirant properties I find it better than Rexona, but again this is a personal opinion.

9. Kneipp Creme de Bain, Fig Milk and Argan oil, 400 ml. This is another amazing product from Kneipp and one of my favorite bath products. It smells delicious. I think I use 2 of these big bottles a year. Great ingredients , 70% vegetal oils, no mineral oils, no parabens. I will repurchase it.

10. Lactacyd Calming Emulsion. A must have product for the intimate hygiene, soap free formula with lactic acid. Emulsion formula is based on natural ingredients and its anti-inflammatory properties, relieves symptoms associated with minor irritations. I really love this product and I already have a back up.

11. Rituals Blossom Water, Cherry Blossom, 50ml. This is a relaxing body mist with a delicate floral note and a heart of fruity cherry blossoms. Soft, natural and delicate, feminine and relaxing. From all the body mists, this is the one that doesn't smell cheap , doesn't leave you with a headache, doesn't dry out skin and it has a calm and relaxing effect. it can be a little bit expensive for a body mist, but I really love it and I think I buy it 2 times a year. It is my most used scent for the summer.

12. Rituals After Sun Hydrating Lotion, 200 ml. This delicate moisturizing lotion calms and nourishes the skin after sunbathing while helping to preserve your tan. With 30% pure Aloe Vera and concentrated Ginkgo Biloba extract, a powerful antioxidant. The therapeutic cooling formula is instantly absorbed by the skin, leaving it feeling nourished, smooth and supple. Very calming and it regenerates skin faster than other similar products.  I got this product for free and I really loved it, this coming summer I will buy it again.

13.Weleda Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream. I love this hand cream and I will repurchase it.

Stay around for beauty empties #5 with hair products !


  1. Weleda hand cream, where can I get it love? I need ty try sth good for my hands :-) nice post love

    1. I usually buy all my Weleda products from a shop that sells only natural and organic skin care.So,you have to look for that type of shop.Online I have seen it on feelunique and iherb. Thx love :*I hope you find the cream because is really good.