Make-up removers for hypoallergenique skin:DIADERMINE hypoallergenique range

I have been trying a lot of make–up remover products for sensitive and hypoallergenic skin and I finally found this and I simply love it. It can be used on your face, eyes and lips. The most important is that this product has a great tolerance around your eyes.
I have a sensitive skin that reactivates all the time to all kind of allergies. Now I am happy to have found this Make-up Remover Milk and Micellaire Tonic with Rosa Damascena flower water and 0% PARABENE, SILICONE, PERFUME. 

I remove my make–up ultra-gently and I leave behind a smooth radiant complexion that doesn't look red and doesn't feel dry anymore.
My skin feels pure, soft and much more happy than before.
The dermatologists from Diadermine care for your aging needs by developing highly innovative formulas based on the latest scientific skin research - for women 30+, with highest demands on skin care and searching for expertise solutions.

All Diadermine products are suitable to use on sensitive skin which has been certified as allergy friendly by ECARF - the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation.
So far, Diadermine is available in many European countries like Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey, but also in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Tunisia. I hope soon they will come to Romania also.

Which products do you use to take off all that make-up at the end of the day?

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