Product review :The Nude Magique CC Cream anti-redness

Goodbye BB creams, Hello CC creams.
I’ll be honest, I’m a little bit ‘meh’ about BB & CC creams. I’m a little bit too bored of the BB creams and I somehow have no enthusiasm left for these new generations of color correcting (CC) creams. They sound very similar to the BB but they have a specific color correcting remit and are formulated to express specific concerns.

The Nude Magique CC Creams come in 3 varieties – green for anti redness, purple to fight dullness and peach to fight the signs of fatigue on your skin. The one I received for testing was green for anti-redness.

The Nude Magique CC Cream claims to transform into foundation and wake up the complexion for the perfect nude look. It also claims to give a flawless coverage, perfectly even skin texture, a fresh dewy glow and 24hr hydration, and as an added bonus contains SPF 20. At first sight the concept seems nice!
The product comes out green and it contains smart pigment-capsules that burst when you work it into your skin and it turns beige, like magic. It provides a light layer of coverage that doesn't seem to correct redness around any blemishes, but it works good for a sunburn redness and a Rudolph red nose from when you exposed yourself to the sun too much.
It leaves a weightless bare skin sensation which I love, but it has a light coverage and it will not do much for you if your skin has way too many imperfections and way too much to be hidden.
For my skin tone the final beige is just OK (as you can see on the pictures) but if your skin tone is more pinkish than this CC cream, it will look kind of orange on you.
It doesn't rub off on clothes or fingers and is very easy to be removed at the end of the day. The formula had no distinct fragrance to it, which is a plus for me definitely.
The texture is not creamy like we are used with the BB creams; it is liquid, more like an emulsion, light green color, quite hydrant, easy to use and blend. CC creams have a lighter texture than BB creams, that's why it will blend better and more effortless than the thicker BB cream variant.
It can also be used under your daily foundation, like around the nose, on your chin or on top of the cheeks if you have rosacea. It has a bare minimal coverage, that's why you still have to tap some foundation on top of it.
You can use your finger to blend it gently or you can buff it with a stippling brush.
I want to make it clear that it will not transform into a foundation on your face… It's not a foundation, it's not even a BB cream… it's just a color correcting cream, a smart cream with smart pigments. It is true that it leaves a soft skin behind but the coverage is very light, it doesn't take much of the redness away and it can't be used to camouflage the small red pimple you might have.

Re-Buy or Buh-Bye?
I love the concept, but for me this CC cream is not an ideal option. I am not so fond of it. It is just a personal opinion and everyone is free to try it and I am sure that for someone it will really work well.
From my personal and professional point of view it's just a tinted moisturizer. I can put a few drops of my foundation and a bit of color correcting primer in a cream … and there I have a CC cream, actually a very good CC cream.
I am sorry to say but there was not so much magic between me and this CC cream . I was expecting much more from L’Oreal, a visible improvement. I know they can do better than this.
For this product I give 3 stars from 5.

Anyway CC Creams are meant for an older audience who may have redness of skin or a shallow complexion and need an added boost of color correction as well as anti aging benefit in their creams, and I guess I am not old enough :)))

Sorry for my sleepy face! Tried my best to capture a picture for you while before and after I had the CC cream on, so you can get some idea.Hope was helpful as I won't make any other pictures of my face without make-up, this time I had to sacrifice myself  :)))

However, I would like to know your experiences of them!
Don't hesitate to drop me a comment below .


  1. I really like the CC Creams!! They´re much better than BB Creams!!❤

  2. Mi-am propus sa il incerc pe cel de la Elmiplant, fetele il lauda. Eu nici bb cream-uri nu am incercat... doar mostre. :)

    1. Mihaela, eu nu am dat banii ever pe bb cream sau cc cream, pt ca am considerat ca ii arunc pe fereastra . Poti amesteca un pic de crema cu un pic din fondul tau de ten preferat intr-o cutiuta sterilizata si voila acel produs este un bb cream, iar o idee pt cc-cream ar fi ceva de genul : crema de zi +fond de ten preferat +un primer corector (in functie de problema tenului :roseata, piele terna si obosita etc).Eu zic ca merita sa incerci !