Daisy by Marc Jacobs- A floral dream

I hope you enjoy reading my last post about #MJDaisyChain Tweet Shop Event in Amsterdam, and as I promised I will show you what was in my Marc Jacobs goodie bag. I saved this part for a new article also because I wanted to write a little review of the entire Daisy fragrance collection by Marc Jacobs.
 So, first of all my goodie bag :

                                                                       So pretty !

Inside the bag found a super cute and pretty mini bottle of Daisy Eau So Fresh (4ml) and a Daisy fragrance for on to go, in a shape of a white daisy flower (20ml) and also a beautiful paper card for the new fragrance Daisy Dream, just lunched in Europe last weekend in Amsterdam and London.

I am a flower fanatic and I am also crazy about Marc Jacobs beauty and fragrances, being so addicted to Lola for more than 2 years, so I could not be more happy to have this pretty little bottles next to my gorgeous Lola bottle.

 Daisy by Marc Jacobs -A floral dream and a fragrance that transports you to a place where positive meets playful.

 Daisy (the original fragrance)the very first one of this collection has a design  that exudes youthful sophistication and vintage charm with a touch of irreverence. The bottle is topped with a playful scattering of daisies that appear to bloom from the rounded gold cap, with retro-cool vinyl petals that bend to the touch.

Daisy is a sparkling floral bouquet. Feminine with a playful innocence, it is sophisticated but not too serious.

It has a luscious top full of the natural freshness of wild strawberry, violet leaves, and Ruby Red grapefruit. Daisy has a floral heart and a feminine base that will let you feel on your skin the smooth softness and warm sensuality of musk, vanilla infusion, and white woods.

The Daisy Eau So Fresh bottle is a taller, slimmer reinterpretation of the original. The exaggerated gold cap is topped with six pink daisies that are soft to the touch, with a pop of neon yellow hidden among the daisies.

 Daisy Eau So Fresh is a bright, floral, fruity fragrance. It radiates with a sunny and sparkling energy. It has a playful top with happy and fresh notes of raspberry, grapefruit, and pear.
The captivating heart has a sunny bouquet of wild rose, violet, and apple blossom.
A playful touch of plum with elegant notes of cedarwood and musk leave behind a radiant base.

Daisy Dream is elegantly crafted and dressed with an embellished daisy detail that creates an airy, lace-like effect. A delicate daisy chain laces the carton, complementing the ethereal blue color palette.
Daisy Dream is a floral fruity fragrance with a light and airy touch – dreamy, sweet and charming.
Captivating top notes of blackberry, fresh grapefruit and succulent pear provide a juicy fruitiness that is playful and fun make a ethereal top.
Daisy Dream has a feminine heart with vibrant notes of jasmine, lychee and blue wisteria impart a youthful, yet sophisticated, floral.The base has a textural yet weightless with notes of white woods, musks and coconut water.
The scent, like the original, is created by perfumer Alberto Morillas, in collaboration with Ann Gottlieb and designer Marc Jacobs himself.

In my opinion  Daisy Dream opens up very fresh and floral. Like what you want to smell after getting out of the shower. It gets sweeter as it dries down, but it's never sickening (more of a fresh, fruity sweet). The bottle is stunning and will look amazing on any vanity! The light blue liquid makes it even more beautiful.
Daisy Dream is very much in the same vein as most other Marc Jacobs fragrances – it’s sweet, watery, fresh, with bright fruity accents on top. It is gentle, charming, little mysterious and very, very feminine.
If you ask me witch one is my favorite  fragrance for the Daisy collection I will pick Daisy Eau So Fresh but from all the Marc Jacobs fragrances, Lola will always be my sophisticated sexy perfume, it simply match better with my personality.

I am curious to know about your signature perfume, did you find it yet ?

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This post was sponsored by Marc Jacobs INTL and the de Bijenkorf shop from Amsterdam.

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