My most disappointing make-up and skin care products for 2014

These are products that truly disappointed me with their performance and quality, I suppose we all have these. Each single product was payed with my money and they were not worth it. I purchased these products due to the hype or internet review or they were highly recommended by other friends.

Obviously everyone has different opinions over a products  and I respect that but sometimes is better to be subjective and think twice before you brag and highly recommend to someone else, a product with issues just because you got it for free. This is how I end up with several KIKO  products that I simply could not use and they were destined to the trash bin.
Few months ago I made a huge online purchase from KIKO (almost 150 euro), I got some eyeshadows, lipsticks, eye primer, a face make-up fixer spray, a jar of invisible powder and a green natural concealer. 

 KIKO make-up fixer spray, the invisible loose powder and the 04 green natural concealer are someof the worst make-up products I ever had.One their site, the make-up fixer and the invisible powder are even best sellers, I guess is just me being very picky then.
1.Make Up Fixer is far away of being mild on the face(mild- thanks to the special Chamomile extract they formula they say ) just because is alcohol based .They also claim is Hypoallergenic = formulated to ensure minimum instance of allergic reactions, but is not. If you have dry, sensitive or normal skin , don't pray this on your face, if you have acne skin don't spray this on your face.
I already knew it was alcohol based when I  purchased it, so I can't really complain about it.What it made me disappointed was the fact that this product does not prolongue your make-up at all, dries out skin, irritates, makes the skin produces even more oil than normal. As a make-up artist, I test products on me before I go use it on someone else, is way better to know what to expect from it and to avoid embarrassment. Every single time I used this (on top of different foundations and make-up bases) it completely failed, making my make-up looking more than horrific, unacceptable thing for me. As it was not enough I even used it on someone else to see how it reacts on oily skin type.The result was as bad as on other skin type.I think even my hair spray is more mild formulated than this make-up fixer. Even if was used from a distance of 20-25 cm I still had to hold my breath in, is heavy and it can be easily inhaled.
 Price 7.90 euro for 75ml.

2. Another fixing product  from KIKO, the Invisible Powder, another disappointing product. It is supposed to be imperceptible on skin and leave behind a transparent mat  and velvet finish. This powder simply goes everywhere if you try to apply it with a brush, including in your lungs. Of course on the site they also suggest you should apply it with the sponge that is already attached to the lid, impossible thing to do and not hygienic.

Anyway, this powder also has a wired scent, drys out the skin, does not blend, sits on top of your foundation and leaves a white cast as a finish. The jar looks cute but you can't keep this jar in  a make-up bag as it will accidentally open by itself due to the not so clever closing system. I really find this item way to expensive for the quality and quantity, but in this case the quantity is not relevant anymore.
Price 11.90 euro for 13,5g

 3.Green Natural 04 Concealer. Is this green ? (picture was in daylight with no flashlight, the way it looks in the pic it looks in real also).
Well, I don' t know in which dimension this very pale green will cover any blemishes or redness.This product is simply not good or useful to do any color correction or to conceal any blemish or redness. Due to the light pale and reflecting pigments, this product will only maximize the little blemishes you might try to cover. Just have a look on how it appears on skin, after I blend it.... at least it does not say professional on it :))

This small concealer is perfect as size, the wand is great, it has a lot of product inside, but to bad it does nothing.
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against this cosmetic company, I have several eyeshadows from them with great pigmentation and some other products that are satisfactory, but these 3 products I just mentioned above are bad, bad, bad and useless.

4. Oganic Virgin Coconut Oil Night Cream from dr. organic.
This cream is more a butter than just a cream, is to heavy as texture, it does not penetrate the surface of the skin and it just lay on top of it clogging my pores and giving a dull look. Every time I used this cream I had to exfoliate like crazy, as my skin was looking like it was packed with layers of dead cells.

According to the label, this cream has a lot of good stuff in it, all natural and vegan. Main ingredient is the well known Coconut Oil but it also has Aloe Vera Leaf Juice,Vitamin E, Papaya Fruit Extract, Mango Fruit, Avocado Oil, Bergamot Fruit Extract, Vitaminn C, Orange Fruit Extract, Fig Fruits Extract. Hmmm it almost sounds like a fruit cocktail in here.You probably ask yourself if it smells nice and exotic :))) not really, it has a heavily cocos scent. 

This cream was not good at all for me, I did not managed to finish the jar. I only used it few times on my face and the rest of it on my hands, and still did not finished it.
Price 13 euro for 50 ml.

5. NYC Big and Bold Curl Mascara is on my not to buy again list.I got this product because I adore his smaller brother the NYC City Curl Mascara, a slim and a better version of this green, fat little one :)))

My issue with this product is mainly the gigantic useless bad quality wand, is bigger than my eye, is actually bigger than most of normal human eyes :)). It could be a perfect mascara wand if you will try to coat the lashes of a cute horse. Don't get me wrong, I had mascara with a big fat wand before, such the "scandal eyes" from Rimmel London witch I simple love, so I know how it feels a big wand :)))
NYC Big and Bold Curl Mascara does not curl, does not add volume, the application is messy because of the wand, is quite liquid and I have to reapply several coats. Not a fan !
Price 3 euro.

6 .Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base is also on my never to buy again list. I even purchased 2 times this product, just because I refused to believe how horrific and useless it is, from the very first time, first use.
In my mind, I thought it was something bad with my first jar, was maybe exposed to bad climatic condition in the store, or just a bad batch. Hell no, is just bad !
To bad for me, because I am a CATRICE fan, I like a lot of their products but this eye shadow base is just super hard, not creamy at all and leaves uneven texture on eyelids. I need to put pressure on my finger to take some product out of the jar or to dig in the jar with something and after to warm it up on my hand before I apply it. To me it just not worth the trouble.
Price 4 euro for 4ml of product that can't be used. A total waist of money and energy !

7.ANASTASIA Beverly Hills  Perfect Brow Pencil. It looks so gorgeous and it has such a nice quality brow brush at one of the other ends, is just so pity that only after 3 months it was completely dry. To still use this perfect brow pencil, I have to warm it under a lighter or a candle or something, and why should I do that when I pay 22 euro ? I have 2 euro essence eye brow pencil that works amazing , and it is so soft and creamy even after 1 year.
How professional do I look in front of my client when I am about to fill in her brows with  an Anastasia brow pencil and she sees me warming up this pencil in fire ???? Not pro at all ! Is embarrassing.
Price 22 euro for a long pencil with a brush at one of the ends.

8.Lancome DreamTone Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector. This is a new-generation customized skintone correcting serum that targets imperfections and leaves skin looking flawless. Dark spots and blemishes will appear diminished, color imperfections and redness will be reduced, and the look of sallowness will be replaced by a warm, peachy glow. BLAH BLAH BLAH .....
After almost 8 weeks of using this serum I did not see any change in my skin, maybe just a little bit more soft but that could be because of any other product I used on a daily base. It does give a nice subtle glow to my skin, while wearing under make-up, but this is not the reason why I tried this product, after all is labeled as a serum and not as highlighter or illuminating cream.Something similar but for less money can be found at L'OREAL.
A complete waste of money did nothing for dark spots, etc. from age, sun exposure or redness!

Price estimation 80 euro for 40ml.

I am sorry to say that these products are just rubbish or just aren't worth the hype that they get, but is true! Sadly !
I explained why I didn't like the product so it might help you figure out wither it will work for you or not and I hope you will find this post quite helpful. 

Feel free to share with me any of the cosmetic products (hair, make-up, skincare) that really let you down, and not only for this year but in general.


  1. I totally agree with you, some products that work for others might not work for ourselves..too bad for the kiko products..I to ever tried those but I love the brand!the latest limited editions are amazing!

    1. Alice,thx a lot for your visit and feed-back !

  2. Elena, nu stiu daca merge in varianta asta de cocktail, dar ai incercat pe corp sau pe par ca masca? Ador masca de ulei de cocos pe par si las sa actioneze toata ziua, merge sau toata noaptea.
    Nu imi place cand ma trezesc ca nu mi se potriveste un produs, la fel de dezamagitor cand mi-a placut la primele incercari.

    1. Mihaela, am continuat sa folosesc crema in alte zone (maini,cuticule, coate, pe picioare) si tot nu am fost multumita :))) Sincer, uleiul de cocos nu se afla printre preferatele mele pt ca are un grad comedogenic foarte mare (4 din 5 ), dupa mai mult de doua aplicari deja porii mei par si se simt astupati.De fiecare data cand foloseam un prod cosmetic cu cocos imi apareau cosulete si mici iritatii in zona respevctiva (umeri, pe spate pe decolteu, pe gat ) desi eu am un tip de piele uscat spre foarte uscat. Anyway, am aruncat crema :))).
      Ma inteleg foarte bine cu uleiuri vegetale usoare gen ulei de orez, ulei din samburi de struguri, argan. Inteleg ca unele produse functioneaza diferit pt altcineva, mai bine sau mai rau, dar sunt si produse gen make-up fixer-ul ala de la kiko care e absolut oribil si nu e de folosit nicicum.