"Evil Samples" #sampleandbought

I don't know about you but I love to try out things before I buy them in full size, specially the very expensive ones. There are so many reviews everywhere, about almost anything you wanna buy, but to be honest I can't always relay on a review made by someone else.

One of my Instagram friends, Patricia-@expatbeauty, had a brilliant idea to make a #sampleandbought tag and I decided to join her in this so called challenge.This way,I realized how important are samples, specially the free ones because not everything that is small and cute comes for free :))). I also realized why my bank account is getting smaller every month.
 So, here are some of  the products that I first tried, used and loved and in the end bought it in a full/bigger size.

1.Marc Jacobs, Daisy 30 ml & Daisy Eau so Fresh 4ml, free samples received at the #mjdaisychainams event in Amsterdam. Both fragrances made me crazy, they suit me perfect and they make me feel feminine and sexy. I could not resist the temptation and I bought both of them. You can read more info about Daisy & Daisy Eau so Fresh here

2.Purity from Philosophy is the only face cleanser I use.The sample was free, is actually quite big, 30 ml and can be re-filled from the large bottle every time you need to go away for a weekend or maybe a week. There is enough product to use for more than a week. This sample can actually be bought from ICI PARIS for few euro. I repurchased this cleanser over and over again, I really have no reason or desire to try something else. If you want more details over this product you can read a review here

3.Decleor Aroma Night Balm, 10 ml, free sample from Decleor. This 100% natural balm with meltingly soft and luscious texture helps:
-stimulate and tone the skin (Concrete of Iris and Geranium, Camomile and Lavender Essential Oils),
-combat harsh external factors and limit dehydration (Hazelnut, Wheat Germ and Borage Plant Oils).
Unlike a cream, this balm provides a time released healing process, smells like a luxurious spa, it has relaxing properties, leaves skin glowy and rested. I am crazy about natural skincare and essential oils so I just had to buy a jar of this night balm. Heals and soothes irritated skin, was perfect for me.

4.Vichy Ideal Body, Serum -Milk 30 ml, sample received after purchasing other Vichy products, so this one was not really free :)). Not long ago I did a review over this product and you can read it here. If you will read the review you will also understand why I bought it in a full size.

5.Lancaster Sun Beauty,Velvet Touch Cream SFF30- for face 5ml, free sample.This is my last purchase, probably the best cream from the sun range, with great ingredients, great SPF, super light texture that does not clog my pores. Great formulation that combines optimal UVA and UVB protection with an infrared technology against sun and the best thing: I also got 25 % discount for this product and now I can enjoy the sun in my garden without worries. Quite a happy deal!

6.Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum  for Eyes 4ml & Estee  Lauder Advanced Night Repair Syncroniseed Recovery Complex II 7ml, free sample after buying Estee Lauder makeup items. I hope I have more free time in the future for a review over these 2 amazing products. They are the perfect addition to any beauty routine, specially if you don't catch much sleep and you are over 30. In my opinion these 2 are a must for a better, younger, beautiful skin. Repurchased every year with 25% discount  and starve myself to death after :)))... Just joking.

7. Estee Lauder Revitalising Supreme Global Anti-Age Cream 5ml free samples from a workshop at Estee Lauder. So far I bought this cream only one time because I still had so many samples :)) Lucky me! Lovely texture, so light and so fresh, so moisturizing and such a good primer ! Double Wear Stay in Place goes so perfect over this cream, and this was the reason I probably bought it.

There were probably many other samples that made me buy more of the actual product, but I could only think of the ones above. To be honest, I would not buy any skin care or makeup that values over 20 euro without trying a sample before.

I am curious if  samples (free or not ) have the same impact over you as they had over me. Do you think samples are important in  your decision of purchasing an expensive make-up or skin care item ? If so, what are the "evil samples" that made you get the money out of your wallet ?


  1. Great products, I usually always ask for samples before I buy them!
    Great choices you got there...I can understand how your Bank account is getting smaller!!!
    Kisses, Vanda
    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog, you're a sweet! :-)