Le Tan Daily Face Sheer Tint SPF 30+ Review

You don't have to go to the beach to need a face cream with a medium high SPF, and it does not have to be summer to wear sun protection.
UV rays are reflected by the snow and water and they can increase risk of sun damage. Winter or summer, sunscreen is important because skin damage can occur even on cloudy or hazy days.

I always have products with SPF, for body and face but I still ordered this product a while ago to take it with me to Barcelona, where I am going to be in the sun most days. I already used it several times and I really love it! Because I work as a beautician I always get asked about the products that I use and I think this review will be quite helpful!

Le Tan Daily Face Sheer Tint SPF 30+  is made in Australia, where it is also quite famous and the most trusted sun care brand! Now I know why everyone that uses this product loves it. So far I liked everything I had from Le Tan, they have one of the most amazing exfoliating mitts (gloves) I used, but the story with that glove is for another time and another article :)

Le Tan Daily Face Sheer Tint SPF 30+ comes in a 75 ml tube and is a multifunctional product (3-in-1); moisturizer, sunscreen and tint. Multifunctional products are the best for me,  they save me a lot of trouble and there are so many benefits in just one tube, how great is that?
Le Tan Daily Face Sheer Tint SPF 30+ was specially formulated for face and neck, but I advise you to use it on your cleavage also, the skin there is just like on your face: sensitive and easy to get sunburned.
This product is a tinted moisturizer with SPF 30 +, and it offers double sun protection against UVA and UVB, and this is very important because UVA are the sun rays that can cause premature aging and the UVB are the nasty ones that can cause sun burns and deeper skin damage. Always check if your face sunscreen offers UVA and UVB protection, you will be so surprised to find out how many don't have this double protection.

The cream has a nice formulation, is water based, fragrance free, no parabens, oil free, no mineral oils and non-comedogenic. This product is dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

Ooops , a little bit much :))

The cream is quite thick as texture but soft,  almost like a mousse and easy to apply.  It has a sheer tint, that might look a bit dark while it is in the tube, but once you  blend or buff it into the skin, it becomes washed out and very subtle. It has a matte super light finish. 

Le Tan Daily Face Sheer Tint SPF 30+  is not a foundation or a BB/CC cream, it is a face sunscreen with a very sheer tint and a very light coverage, but you can wear it also as a primer under your concealer or foundation. The light coverage will even your skin tone but will not cover any of your blemishes or dark circles. You can get an idea about the coverage  from how it looks over my tattoo, and it was not even completely blended.

As a tinted moisturiser with SPF this product is fantastic on its own because of the way it feels on skin; silky smooth, not sticky or greasy at all and light as a feather. After using this product your skin will still look like skin and very nude.

Most of the time when I wear a face cream with a SPF higher than 15 it clogs my pores and leaves my complexion looking all dull with wide pores. Since I have this product I use it on a daily base, even if I wear no makeup and I never occurred irritation or clogged pores.
I think this product is quite unisex, it can be used by both sexes as it does not look like you're wearing any makeup. The finish is really matte and nude and it can prevent skin damage, aging and freckles.

This product doesn't have Zinc Oxide but uses other active ingredients: Octocrylene (protects skin from DNA damage ), Oxybenzone (ultraviolet light absorber and stabilizer, photo protective agent) and Phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic acid (UVB protecting agent). If you are allergic to any of these active ingredients you should not use this product, it is always better to test the product on a small area of skin.
Before you use the product, please read all the instructions from the box! Avoid contact with eyes and do not use this product on infants with age under 6 months.

I think this cream is a hidden gem, I am very happy I found it also in the Netherlands at, and it's not expensive at all: 13,90 euro for 75 ml.

From my personal experience, I rate this product with 5  out of 5 stars and I would recommend it to a friend!

What is your favorite face sunscreen so far ? Would you like to try out Le Tan Daily Face Sheer Tint SPF 30+?

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  1. WOW, this review is great, lot of great information, well done ! I know Le Tan because I am from Australia. You should try the fake tan products also, they are the best ever ! XOX

    1. Thank you, I am really happy to hear! At the moment I use the gradual tan lotion from them and I really love it and I plan to try out the one in the can :)

  2. Great Review! I will have to look out for this product!

    1. Thank you for reading and I if you try the product let me know your opinion ! kisses

  3. Sounds like great everyday SPF. I am rubbish applying my SPF, so I try to get skincare or makeup items, which have it in it. I need to get better at keeping up with my SPF x

    Pink Frenzy

    1. I am a little bit obsessed with a good face sun screen because I don't want to have brown spots, I used to have that on my cheeks and they are so annoying and hard to remove.Laura, thx for your visit !

  4. This sounds like a great product and so affordable - something about Australian suncare makes me trust it more, too! Haha.
    I'm hopeless at remembering to use SPF so I try to get products with it in where possible...

    Jess xo

    1. Well, the Australians are the only ones that can get a tan with jeans on, I guess they put some "passion " in making their sun-care products :)))
      Jess, thx for your visit ! xo

  5. Sounds great! Reminds me of the La Roche posay tinted sunscreen. I hate sunscreens that leave a white cast so i always go for the tinted ones.

    1. Oh yes, you are right: it is a little bit like La Roche Posay, now that you mention! I also had that one, but sadly my skin doesn't like anything from La Roche Posay , except Cicaplast. Yes that white cast is such a turn off, specially for people with medium dark skin.Looks very wired.

  6. This sounds lovely, I love a good sunscreen for some added protection and tinted ones are my favourite because they give a little more coverage. I usually just apply a mineral powder on top and go!

    I'll look out for this the next time I'm at the shops. :)

    1. Works great as a primer also! the other day I just did my makeup in 5 minutes, just like you said a bit of mineral powder on and a bit of blush and I was out the door in no time.I could not believed how fast I finished. You should give it a try ! Thx for your visit, xoxo!