2016 Beauty Empties #2 FACE + NAILS feels like I didn't post for ages, actually is true: it has been a long times since my last post, about a month or even more. I have been really busy and away and it's kind of difficult to manage all my social media accounts if I am not at home.

I was gathering for some months all the empty packaging and always postponing this article but today is the day and here are the empty products (skincare and makeup ) that have been used to the last drop.

1. 2XGarnier Micellaire Water for sensitive skin, 400 ml
2.2X Diadermine Makeup Remover Milk for sensitive skin, 200 ml
3. etos eyes and lips make-up remover (the old packaging ) 125 ml 

4.Evian Mineral Water Spray
 I mentioned before all of these products for my make-up removing process, they have been present in all my beauty empties post.
5.Ziaja Aloe Vera Face toner, for dry to normal skin its, 200 ml. This toner has no
alcohol and I think its great for face and neck. Refreshes, soothes and softens the skin. Intensively hydrates, improves blood circulation and stimulates cell regeneration, according to the label.

Active ingredients provitamin B5 (d-panthenol), aloe leaf extract.
I liked it a lot and I will buy it again.

without alcohol for daily care for the face and neck. Refreshes, soothes and softens the skin.  Intensively hydrates, improves blood circulation and stimulates cell regeneration - See more at:
without alcohol for daily care for the face and neck. Refreshes, soothes and softens the skin.  Intensively hydrates, improves blood circulation and stimulates cell regeneration - See more at:
6.Ziaja Marigold Face toner, for sensitive skin, 200 ml. I did not liked this toner as much as I liked the one with Aloe Vera, because it felt like it helped less. Not a bad toner but it just did not suit my skin needs.

7. 2X Balea Eye Makeup Remover is super effective and price friendly. This product is perfect to remove waterproof, stubborn makeup like eyeliners, lip stains, cream shadows. This product is made in Germany, it can be bought only in dm stores for less than 2 euro.Can't wait to go to Germany to stock up on this product!
8.Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, the best alternative to the famous Beauty Blender. Easy to wash and dry, compared to other similar sponges. I really love this sponge and I definitely be repurchasing!

9.2X Elmex toothpaste anti-cavity 75ml , love it, I definitely be repurchasing.

10.PUPA MILANO Smoothing Foundation Primer in Green, 30 ml. This primer is supposed to be  corrective, specifically created to correct skin redness and couperose. As a primer it does create a smooth and silky base to apply foundation, but as a corrector it doesn't do an amazing job. The product comes in a glass jar with a pump that is too short to reach 1/4 of the product left at the bottom. On top it has this transparent plastic cap that got broken by itself really fast. I had a lot of issues with the packaging and I think is just not worth it 35-40 euro. I loved the texture as a primer, and that is all I liked about it. I will not repurchase it again.

11.BIOCURA facial wet wipes, 25 pieces. I almost never clean my face or remove my makeup with wet wipes, even if they are specially made for face, but I do use the wipes to make small makeup corrections, clean my makeup tools and stuff like that. I kinda liked this type of wipes, they have calendula extract and they are infused with rice oil, bisabolol and vitamin E, glycerin and perfume as well. They are really affordable, and I will buy them again.

12.COLLISTAR COMFORT + DETOX MICELLAR WATER for face, eyes, lips and all skin types. I never use just micellar water to remove my makeup and when I say never I really mean it.  For me this micellar water step is just something I do at the end of my cleansing routine to see how clean is my skin and to see if I really need extra cleaning steps.
I am happy that I only had a travel size sample of this product because it did not really work great for my skin. Used for eyes, it stings and burns. Used for lips, doesn't remove small  lipstick stains. Used for face, it activates my eczema, resurface redness and it stings. I think the product would be great for combination and oily skin. There is no need to rinse it but I always rinse micellare waters with a thermal spray, and this way skin looks actually better than when I haven't done that.  I barely managed to finish this product and I don't think I will buy it again.

13.Origins Super Spot Remover Acne Treatment Gel, 10 ml. This is a blemish-busting acne spot treatment with salicylic acid, that did not really worked for me whenever I needed help with my Red PMS pimples. We all know that the Salicylic Acid promotes the shedding of dead skin cells that would otherwise block pores and cause pimples, but for  some people it doesn't really work out and I am in that category. The product works better for my boyfriend who probably has other type of occasionally super small pimples. You probably need to zoom on the picture to see this product as is super, super tiny. You only need to dab a small drop of gel on a dot and let it work, sometimes it does work and  sometimes it doesn't :)). It has caffeine extract and red algae to help relieve irritating redness, that also did not really worked for me. I bought it based on reviews and I don't think I will ever buy it again. I like Origins products but this one did not worked for me as I expected.

14.Weleda Skin Food, I love this cream and you can read more about it here.

15. Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum, 30 ml. I loved the texture of this product, rich but light. After using this product I am still not convinced that it did anything for my skin. I liked it as a primer but not as a serum. This serum isn't hydrating enough for my dry skin as it did not helped at all with the dry patches. Actually I think this serum was even causing more dryness; after I stopped using it, my skin was less dry and sensitive. I will not buy it again.

16.L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Nail Enamel Wild Purple, 5 ml. Beautiful deep purple shade with tiny shimmer particles. Its not quick drybut it doesn't  take too much time to dry either. So kind of in between when it comes to drying time. Love it and I hope I can find it again.

17. La Roche Possay Cicaplast  Pro Recovery Gel (new name ) 40 ml  is the answer to skin irritation, cuts, scratches, hot tool burns, recommended for skin resurfacing procedures, sunburns, scars and post operator skin tissue that needs to heal and probably even much more.
It has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and collagen boosting properties. It also has a lot of antioxidants that help heal and restore your skin much faster. It has a lovely texture and it is silicon based. I use it in the winter under my normal moisturizer and it keeps my cranky dry skin calm, safe and happy. I probably use 1 tube a year as a small amount of product is more than enough for my entire face and I abuse it often during the cold and windy seasons. It can be used on lips as well and it can be used be everyone, including kids. Wonderful product !

18.KIKO eye base shadow. Terrible product that went bad very fast, really watery and with a bad smell. I did not finish it because there is so much product inside and it was bad anyway. I will never buy this product again.
19. L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara in black, 9ml. This used to be one of my favorite mascaras but this one had so much fall out and such a strong perfume.... I guess the texture was changed because it felt like a completely different product. I used it up but I don't think I will buy it again. For a drugstore mascara is extremely overpriced and for about 20 euro I prefer something else.
20. REN  V-Cense day cream, 15 ml travel size.
 I love REN creams. This one is also my favorite cream. My skin is dry and I have problems to find  a cream that is good enough for my dry skin. It leaves skin so beautiful and soft. Amazing product, totally changed the look and feel of my skin. I loved the travel size sample and I bought the full size product.

 and meanwhile I FINISHED some more  .......( I can't believe that it took me ages to finish this post, almost 2 weeks !!!)

21. Sephora Rose Face Mask. I have talked about this product before.

22. H&M buffing foundation brush - used it maximum 3 times , washed it 2 times and that was all before it got deformed and broken. Terrible brush ! ...It will go straight to the trash bin, such a waste of money (8 euro).

23. NIVEA Micellar Water for sensitive skin, 200 ml. This is the first time I used this product and it was better than I expected, I might consider to buy it if I find it at a good offer :)

24. ZIAJA  Rose Butter Rejuvenating Mask with hyaluronic acid 7ml. I wanted for a long time to try out this mask and now I finally did and I have to say that I loved it. It has a creamy texture that gets absorbed into the skin and leaves behind a soft feeling. I find it great after sun exposure because it really calms down and restore the skin with moisture. I will buy it again .

25. OLAZ Regenerist Skin Perfecting Cleanser 20 ml. This cleanser came in with my Olaz cleansing  brush and is not bad at all. I like how it cleans and how the skin feels after using this product. I consider to buy this product sometimes in the future. If you want to read more about my experience with OLAZ cleansing system you can read this post.

26.Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse, anti -stress moisturizing cream, 40 ml. It has a rich texture that gets absorbed super fast and leaves behind a semi -matte but velvet complexion. My skin feels really great when I use this cream and combined with few drops of Nuxe oil Prodigieuse works wanders for my tired skin. I also love how it smells, really luxurious and calming. I will repurchase this product and you can read more about it on this post.

27. De Tuinen Vitamin Scrub Creme, 75 ml. I have talked about this product before here.
28. Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre ,75 ml. I have talked about this product before here in a post from 2015.

29. Rituals  After Sun Hydrating Lotion with 30% aloe vera , 50 ml. This lotion is so light and fresh, just love the creme-gel texture. Next summer I will buy it again because this product it cant miss from my beach bag.

30. Sensodyne Protect and Repair 75 ml, one of my favorite toothpastes ever.

31. Kiko Nail Care Base Coat for stressed nails, 11 ml.  There is still a little bit at the bottom but is just too thick and annoying to apply. i just opened a new bottle and this base coat really saved my nails from all the nail stains and even from splitting and exfoliating. i love this product a lot and is probably my favorite Kiko product ever.

32.Essence Studio Nails Buffer, used it for half a year and I just got a new one so I guess this can go away now. hopefully this tool will not be discontinued because I really like it. 

........during this post my cats keep fighting and being all annoying and stupid so it was really difficult to focus, I am really sorry if there are a lot of mistakes.....I NEED CHOCOLATE !


  1. Thats tons of empties, very impressive :) I can't believe the Origins spot treatment didn't work for you :O I have been using it a lot lately (having unwanted breakouts) and it dries everything up x


    1. Yes it was a tone of junk in a big plastic bag and my cats were spreading it everywhere in the bathroom, whenever they found the bag :))) imagine that mess! Is actually only the second post in 2016 about the empties and I still have one more to go but that one will be about hair and body products.
      Regarding the Origins spot treatment it really did not heal any of the spots with me,it only caused severe dryness around the spot and made the spot even more red and inflamed. I am happy to hear that for you it works great, for my boyfriend also worked pretty good. Now whenever I have a small developing spot I just dab a bit of apple cider on it and that makes miracles for me.

  2. wow,so many products! It looks like you love to pamper yourself a lot, I can see a lot of nice products.Good job !

    1. hihihi,it seems so Louise :D but this are not products finished in a month or so, it took me some time!