How to wear dark lipstick and still look chic and sophisticated

I always wanted to try a very dark almost black lipstick and have been always afraid that it will look ugly, strange or just unflattering. I have some very deep dark burgundy matte liquid lipsticks that look almost black when they dry, I really love them and they can really look amazing on some people.

So, happy to say that I think I finally managed to pull of a dark lipstick, what do you think?

Like with any other lipstick you just need to find the one that suits your skin tone.

Pretty Makeup, Too Pretty To Use!

I really can't say no to pretty makeup, the kind that is too pretty to use and it pains you to dip the brush in it, such as these!


Kiko Milano Waterflower Magic Blush - Limited Edition (discontinued)


Kiko Milano Sicilian Notes Bronzer & Ocean Feel Creamy Lipstick                    

The Body Shop Dream Big This Christmas Deluxe Advent Calendar

Have you got any Advent Calendar for this Christmas? Or maybe I should ask if you already secretly open all the doors from the Advent Calendar you just bought for this Christmas?

My boyfriend never lets me open any of my Advent Calendars before 1 December and it must be only 1 door/window per day,  isn't that a true torture? 

This year THE BODY SHOP gifted me one of their most beautiful and magical Advent Calendars and I was insanely excited to open it the moment I received it. Last year their Advent Calendars sold out so fast (one every 30 seconds) and I never had the chance to buy one because in a matter of days they were all sold out.

For 2019 The Body Shop made 3 Advent Calendars, beautiful illustrated by Helena Perez Garcia. Each time you open a door of this beautiful and magical advent calendar you will discover not just a gift but also how 25 inspirational women used their dreams to change the world.

The Body shop was founded on feminism. Empowering women and girls is in their DNA and this year they teamed up with Global Children's Charity Plan International to help unlock girls's dreams.