"Evil Samples" #sampleandbought

I don't know about you but I love to try out things before I buy them in full size, specially the very expensive ones. There are so many reviews everywhere, about almost anything you wanna buy, but to be honest I can't always relay on a review made by someone else.

One of my Instagram friends, Patricia-@expatbeauty, had a brilliant idea to make a #sampleandbought tag and I decided to join her in this so called challenge.This way,I realized how important are samples, specially the free ones because not everything that is small and cute comes for free :))). I also realized why my bank account is getting smaller every month.
 So, here are some of  the products that I first tried, used and loved and in the end bought it in a full/bigger size.

L'Oreal Manicure Diamond Force Strengthening Serum

Brittle nails are caused by various factors such as: extreme weather conditions, humidity, over-exposure to the sun, nail polishes and nail polish removers, excess use of water, harsh detergents and chemicals. Besides these external factors, dry, peeling nails can appear due to several illnesses, aging, vitamin deficiency or insufficient water intake.

Using nail strengtheners on a daily basis is another great method to cure brittle nails. Nail strengtheners should be applied in the same way as nail polishes, covering your nails with a thin coat of product. In order to ideally nourish your fingernails, opt for a nail strengthener, which contains vitamin B,Ca or protein.