Pixi Beauty Hydrating Milky Collection

For the past 2 weeks I have been using the new Pixi Beauty skincare treats from the Hydrating Milky Collection. Before Pixi sent me these amazing products as a PR gift I was already using and loving the  Hydrating Milky Tonic, most calming and soothing tonic I ever had.

Pixi Hydrating Milky Collection has 6 products, to remove, cleanse and peel but also to tone, treat, moisturize and protect.This Hydrating Milky Collection  is absolutely 100% vegan and delivers a  daily boost of soothing and calming hydration to your skin. The products were packed in super cute milk boxes and they are charged with lots of skin -loving benefits. All products from this hydrating milky collection are cruelty free and suitable for all skin types because even oily skin can be dehydrated and in need of a moisture boost.  Hydrating Milky Makeup Remover for eyes, lips and/or face. This is a bi-phase makeup remover milk that effectively removes waterproof and long -wearing makeup and it can be used as a first step in your double -cleanse routine. This product is enriched with coconut  fruit extract to nourish, oat milk to calm and soothe skin and probiotics to balance. Lovely product that smells absolutely amazing.

Disciple Skincare Discovery Kit

 Have you heard of DISCIPLE skincare yet?

DISCIPLE is a London based natural wellness company for stressed-out body and mind, created by psychotherapist Charlotte Ferguson.

Anxiety, stress, and a chaotic lifestyle can cause inflammatory skin issues like adult acne, eczema, psoriazis, rosacea and premature aging. These skin conditions seem to get all worse and flare when we feel stressed.You feel stressed you break out or eczema flares (in my case). You stress about it and it all get worse and this cycle of skin conditions and stress can be very nasty and difficult to break.

Like so many other people I also deal with anxiety and stressful situations that do a number on my skin now and then. Lately I have been looking into natural ways to distress and heal my body and mind and on my research for adaptogens I found out about Disciple and decided to try it and see how it works and what delivers. I believe in a holistic approach when it comes to my overall health but also when it comes to treat my skin conditions, specially my eczema.  

I decided to buy the Discovery Disciple Kit, a day and a night oil duo for stressed out skin  and it was a really good decision.

Organic Tea And Radiant Skin Talk

This post is not about gummy bears, beauty vitamins or any other type of beauty supplements that come in a jar and are trending right now everywhere on social media.

This post is about organic tea and plant/herb infused in water and how you can bring back your natural glow and support your immunity system.

A cup of tea is a cup of peace, a hug in a cup and sometimes the best medicine!

Organic herbal tea can help you get not only a detoxified liver and a boosted lymphatic system but also the perfect skin radiance, the natural glow that comes from within you.

Having a big cup of tea every day will benefit your immunity system, your circulation,  collagen production, skin regeneration and hydration. No sugar, just sit and sip in bliss !

Tea is the superstar in the natural skincare world! You can drink it, you can rinse your hair with it, you can use it as a skin toner or in facial masks.