Amsterdam Fashion Week-Mattijs van Bergen and the paintings of Van Gogh

              One year ago when I moved to The Netherlands to live here, I never thought I will end up in the backstage of a fashion event,and not just a fashion even but the Amsterdam Fashion Week at the winter edition.First of all I have to mention that my fashion background is not impressive at all, but as a make-up artist is a dream to  see and get inspired from fashion-events, catwalks and I was extremely excited about going there. Fashion Week Amsterdam was about downtown events and high fashion catwalk for amazing Dutch artists.I could not join in everything  as it was impossible, but I attended with high pleasure one downtown event and the catwalk shows from Mattijs van Bergen.
Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam organized 10 Downtown events every day of the fashion week in 10 days at 10 locations. 

              The majority of the events were connected to cultural locations that are characteristic for Amsterdam. With 10 days Downtown Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam was focused on taking fashion from the catwalk to the sidewalk, highlighting the diamonds of the city Amsterdam and enlarging the awareness of fashion in The Netherlands.

Clarins Everlasting Foundation

      I'm always on the look out for a foundation that will give everything my skin needs to get that flawless finish look  and as a make-up artist I am always experimenting with different foundations. Even if I am very happy with my current foundation, I decided to try something from Clarins, as I love their skin care products .

 I have been using this foundation for about a month before making  a review about it . It takes time to know a cosmetic product, to get used to it, to find out how to make the best of it and how to explore all the qualities, and also to avoid a false impression .
 I am always looking for a foundation that makes the face look young and bright, that doesn't look heavy and that looks great on camera!

Make-up trends on the runway for spring-summer 2014

Here we are in January and spring may seem far away, but these gorgeous makeup trends will be on all our faces before we know it. 
I am a beauty-consultant and make-up artist and I have to know in time what is new and what are the coming trends for every season long before the season start as I have to update my product range and  build a new kit with the latest colors and products.