Make-up Fall Trends 2014

I am not ready to say goodbye to the warm days of summer but any time soon I have to get used to the wind and rain and embraces fully  the beauty /makeup trend for this fall. At least the best thing about fall are all the wonderful colors and all the new make-up I will probably buy.

Kissing summer goodbye doesn't mean letting your lipstick fade away. So from bright pinks and orange we switch to vampy reds. Oh this is so gonna be my favorite! Burgundy lips - the darker the better and sexier are a main stay for fall. Start this lip by lining with a pencil for a flawless finish that won't bleed out. Apply, blot, reapply, blot again and be sexy ! If  you don't like it matte you can wear it glossy. Keep the rest of your face clean with minimal make-up or pair it with dewy lids. Seen at Max Mara,Vera Wang, Lanvin,D&G.Totally on the to-do list for fall.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs- A floral dream

I hope you enjoy reading my last post about #MJDaisyChain Tweet Shop Event in Amsterdam, and as I promised I will show you what was in my Marc Jacobs goodie bag. I saved this part for a new article also because I wanted to write a little review of the entire Daisy fragrance collection by Marc Jacobs.
 So, first of all my goodie bag :

                                                                       So pretty !

Inside the bag found a super cute and pretty mini bottle of Daisy Eau So Fresh (4ml) and a Daisy fragrance for on to go, in a shape of a white daisy flower (20ml) and also a beautiful paper card for the new fragrance Daisy Dream, just lunched in Europe last weekend in Amsterdam and London.

#MJDaisyChain Tweet Shop Event in Amsterdam

Last weekend I went to Amsterdam to attend the launch  of Daisy Dream Marc Jacobs's new fragrance and everything took place in a tweet store, a dreamy place full of white flowers.

                                                        Daisy Dream Marc Jacobs

Daisy Dream is a more sophisticated and ethereal version of the original. The composition tends to create a “blue effect”, made from unusual floral and fruity aromas. There are accords of blackberries, pear, blue wisteria, jasmine and coconut water. The scent, like the original, is created by perfumer Alberto Morillas, in collaboration with Ann Gottlieb and designer Marc Jacobs himself.

Daisy Dream is elegantly crafted and dressed with an embellished daisy detail that creates an airy, lace-like effect. A delicate daisy chain laces the carton, complementing the ethereal blue color palette.

Daisy Dream is a floral fruity fragrance with a light and airy touch – dreamy, sweet and charming notes.

Decubal Calming Facial Mask Review

Decubal skin care was developed in collaboration with dermatologists in the Nordic countries and it might be the secret of the Scandinavian gorgeous glowing free spot skin. Decubal skin care contains a mixture of various ingredients that help moisturize and protect dry, sensitive skin.
Dry, sensitive skin should be protected against all harmful influences during the day.The cold, wind, solar and central heating  make a sharp attack on the fat and moisture content from your skin. But also because of the everyday stress, the skin can feel more sensitive, and your dry skin can become prone to eczema and any other irritations.

Get the Look - Eau de Rose Smokey Eyes

Like the little black dress smoky eye is timelessly sexy. There are many ways and techniques for achieving great smokey eyes but it does not have to be complicated or time consuming. Here are some products and some easy steps that will help you achieve a glamorous and simple smokey eye look.

To ensure that your makeup stays put use an eye primer because nothing is worse than a smokey eye that travels, smears, and settles into fine lines. Use a pencil liner to trace your top lash line from the inner corner to the outer. For an extra-sultry effect, line your inner bottom lash line, too.