Make-up Fall Trends 2014

I am not ready to say goodbye to the warm days of summer but any time soon I have to get used to the wind and rain and embraces fully  the beauty /makeup trend for this fall. At least the best thing about fall are all the wonderful colors and all the new make-up I will probably buy.

Kissing summer goodbye doesn't mean letting your lipstick fade away. So from bright pinks and orange we switch to vampy reds. Oh this is so gonna be my favorite! Burgundy lips - the darker the better and sexier are a main stay for fall. Start this lip by lining with a pencil for a flawless finish that won't bleed out. Apply, blot, reapply, blot again and be sexy ! If  you don't like it matte you can wear it glossy. Keep the rest of your face clean with minimal make-up or pair it with dewy lids. Seen at Max Mara,Vera Wang, Lanvin,D&G.Totally on the to-do list for fall.

Color theory, pop of color,  splash of color name it but is a must have this fall. You will probably need a colorful pallette with hues of green, purple, orange and blue. From Christian Dior’s shimmery blue, Kenzo’s pastel and Burberry’s purple. Electric blue eyeliner, cobalt blue along the bottom lash line, a splash of lilac on the lid paired with a blue eyeliner on the inside corner of your eye. Even Chanel was pushing the limits with color this fall.

Dior, Kenzo , Ana Sui  

There’s a large emphasis playing on metallic in the Fall Winter seasonal makeup since 2013. This fall we can wear mixed metallic, not only the traditional gold and silver but about every color.The metallic trend may be a both difficult to wear and beautiful, but there are plenty of easier options like the silver eye shadow at Donna Karan or the glittery eyes at Altuzarra.

Shimmery under eye pencil might be something that you would love to wear, in case you are not so crazy about going all metallic. Wearing just a line of smudgy glitter under your lower lash line, in a light earth/skin tone for day and a darker sexy color for night (think gunmetal or dirty gold) might be the option.
Bold black striking look. This fall you can ink jet black on your eyelids but leave the lower lash line clean, natural and bright. No,panda eyes is not a trend this fall !Maybe next year:)

The runway was filled with precise, intricate look, and a double flick line is a new kind of cat eye. One line on the top and one on the bottom, with a bit of space between the line to give that amazing look and nobody does it better than Val Garland.

Radiant and glowy skin with fresh cheeks and no imperfections, nude complexions are a must this fall ! Please no piles and piles of foundation and bronzer because this was not seen anywhere on the runway, except on instagram. Beautiful radiant natural skin was seen at Balenciaga, Isabel Marant, Jason Wu, CK, Ralph Lauren. For an effortless amazing natural look you can use a bit of taupe eyeshadow on your lids and a clear lip gloss. The "no make-up" dewy-skinned look has dominated catwalk beauty for a long time now.

                                       Fresh beautiful skin at Jason Wu and Ralph Lauren

60's inspired with full lashes and retro vibes looked cool on thew runway at Oscar de la Renta, Gucci, YSL, Moschino, Versace. This time around, babydoll eyelashes are long but not spidery or clumpy.Keep them looking luxurious, groomed and glossy with falsies or mascara that won't flake or crumble.

Impressive eyebrows, statement, heavy and bushy brows are not so central anymore for the fall of 2014, but always brush them UP! 

Always brush your brows up, that will help you see the empty spaces that will need to be filled in with an eyebrow product. Keep them natural and avoid heavy lines. If your brows are a bit unruly, you can use a clear brow gel as well a filler to keep them in place .

 Now that you know the most important make-up trends for autumn /winter of 2014 ,what are you looking forward to about fall, beauty-wise? Any makeup ideas you want to try?

 Hope you enjoy this post and comment, like or share this post with your friends!


  1. Totul pare foarte purtabil

  2. Nice! Duminica am avut chef de un fard de ochi burgundy. Nici in machiaj nu ma straduiesc sa fiu in trend, daca am chef, imi place si ma prinde I do it. xoxo

    1. partea buna a trendului este ca e din ce in ce mai natural si purtabil (in comparatie cu ce am vazut pe ici pe colo,facebook, instagram unde daca nu ai folosit cel putin 5 culori si 30 de produse de makeup, nu esti in trend )