Metallic Silver Eyes with MAC Cool Neutrals & Sleek Bad Girl

Last fall there was a return of metallics for eyes but also for cheeks and lips, something that was really cool to wear in the 90's and I kind of liked this makeup trend.

If you have a fair or a light skin complexion you can look up for bronze and charcoal metallics, because darker shades on lighter skin will pop out and make a nice and attractive contrast.
Light silver or golds are best for people with medium to dark skin tones.
My skin is more on the medium side and I did a bronzed metallic look some time ago and I thought I should try out some silver this time. I am really happy how it turned out and I think it looks  nice with my brown eyes and my early tan skin. I hope you will like this look also.

 Like usual, I will list below all the products used, for everyone who asked on my Instragram about what lipstick I wear and what pigments I used and stuff like that.

Fashion and Flowers at Keukenhof

Few days ago I  have been at the most amazing and beautiful orchid show from Europe that took place between 24 March and 16 May in the Beatrix Pavilion of Keukenhof, in Holland. 

It was breath -taking and impressive ! Gorgeous orchids and beautiful anthuriums everywhere, orchid crafted dresses, designer shoes and hats. I did not know where to look first, it was overwhelming.

From works of art to simple floral window displays, the entire event is an explosion of color, positive vibration and a magnificent inspiration. Sadly I have not done as many photos as I wanted because it was very busy and I was just hypnotized by the entire atmosphere.