Fashion and Flowers at Keukenhof

Few days ago I  have been at the most amazing and beautiful orchid show from Europe that took place between 24 March and 16 May in the Beatrix Pavilion of Keukenhof, in Holland. 

It was breath -taking and impressive ! Gorgeous orchids and beautiful anthuriums everywhere, orchid crafted dresses, designer shoes and hats. I did not know where to look first, it was overwhelming.

From works of art to simple floral window displays, the entire event is an explosion of color, positive vibration and a magnificent inspiration. Sadly I have not done as many photos as I wanted because it was very busy and I was just hypnotized by the entire atmosphere. 

Orchids, these extraordinary flowers, which have long been symbols of sex, death, mystery and elegance were pure inspirations for designers such as Ronald Kolk, Philip Treacy and Jan Jansen.

Couturier Ronald Kolk designed six handmade couture pieces for Keukenhof, one of the creations is a creamy white wedding dress.

The famous hat designer, Philip Tracey, inspired by various orchids has designed a beautiful hat collection and in return, for his amazing artwork, the The Dutch orchid growers honor him with its own special creation:  an orchid which has been named Philip Treacy Orchid.

                                                        Photo from

This orchid is originally from Taiwan and was discovered about two years ago. Philip Treacy Orchid is a Cascade orchid, also called waterfall orchid, because the curved steal are full of large flowers, like a waterfall falling down. The petals of the Philip Treacy Orchid are white with small hot pink dots and a yellow heart center.

His orchid hats, are the height of contemporary design, the perfect synthesis of high fashion, aesthetics and botanic science.

Dutch designer Jan Jansen makes more than just shoes, he makes perfect and amazing artwork that you can wear and he was working at various times for fashion houses such as Dior and Charles Jourdan. He has designed more than 4000 shoes. Jan Jansen is fascinated by orchids and as a flower lover I can understand why. 

The Orchid Shoe by Jan Jansen is easily recognizable because the shoe is covered with orchid flowers. It looks amazing and it was my favorite art piece at the exposition.
The orchid shoe by Jan Jansen is from a limited S/S collection in 2013 and is an elegant piece of art, special and sensual. 

This elegant flower suede shoe is available in purple, terracota, cognac, red and fuchsia. All colors are inspired from blooming orchids with colorful and fragrant flowers like Phalaenopsis, Vanda, Oncidium and Dendrobium.

                                                            Gorgeous Vanda orchid

Dendrobium Nobile orchids 

I am crazy about flowers, all kind of flowers! There is so much to learn by just looking at these wonderful perfect creatures. You can learn how to play with color, to create, to be elegant and attractive, how to enhance your beauty but also to be strong and original.
By magic or not, flowers posses the power to make us happy and inspired, just by looking at them. The true meaning behind this flower exposition is to bring people closer, to attack them with color, radiance, happiness, sensitivity, enlightenment and love.

............I almost forgot about the  beautiful

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  1. wow,so beautiful.I never seen something like this

    1. Anastasia,I am really happy to hear that.Thank you so much,xoxo