Lookfantastic Beauty Box November 2015 Edition

Here is Beauty box #2, Lookfantastic Beauty Box November 2015 Edition, just as beautiful as the October Beauty Box

The lookfantastic beauty box for November features 6 beauty products: 2 makeup products, 1 hair care product and 3 skincare products. Let's check them out !

Lookfantastic Beauty Box October 2015 Edition

So far I don't have any beauty box subscription, but  for Black Friday I ordered a special edition of lookfantastic beauty box that featured the October and November beauty boxes but also the Christmas Edition (December) beauty box. This special trio was a great deal, not only because of the amazing products but also because I got the December box for free. YEY !

 The boxes by themselves look so special and pretty, don't you think so ?

 Beauty box #1 is the beauty box for October 2015 and it has some amazing products inside !

  I was so excited and happy when I opened this box :)..... check this out !

NUXE Gift Box, for a moment of pure delight

For me, NUXE is something unique and sensual not just cult skin care products and a NUXE gift box is always magic and makes me smile.
Over the years I have been in love with Huile Prodigieuse, today I am still addicted to it and I never think of trying something else. There is nothing else that can make me feel so gorgeous and feminine, just NUXE Huile Prodigieuse.

Weleda, Skin Care at its Best

I think everyone heard about Weleda, right ? They have natural beauty and skin care, all made with love from flowers and plants. They rock most clean natural ingredients and they blend organic fair trade plants and flowers to create what is best for our delicate skin and hair.

Here are some of my favorite Weleda products : Skin Food, the secret of beautiful skin for a lot of models since 1926, Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream and Revitalising  Hair Tonic, the secret of my strong healthy hair.

Faux Fur is warm, chic, sexy and Winter's top trend

Thanks to recent weather conditions I could wear my faux fur vest and embrace my inner wild side.
Faux fur is less expensive, easy to clean and animal friendly compared to animal fur and it’s being used more and more by major fashion houses.
I love my fur vest because I think it’s perfect for Fall weather. It’s a great layering piece that will keep you cosy without suffocating you, and it’s also a nice statement item that will catch the attention of others.

From the streets to the runways, this trend has been seen everywhere. Coming in all different patterns and styles, faux fur is the trend to rock this Winter season!

Here is how I wear my light- brown fur vest. This look blends perfect with the Fall season and is effortlessly chic and warm.

Holiday Gift Guide 2015 and The Most Loved Beauty Gifts for Someone Special

If you don't know yet what to ask for Christmas, here are some ideas and maybe the perfect gifts for yourself :) Gilded, glittery and grand because everything is better with a bit of sparkle.

1.DIOR State of Gold, is the  precious Christmas 2015 Collection by Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup. He takes its inspiration from gold, one of the House’s emblematic codes, and pairs it with gray tones. This collection is made for glamorous evenings, enchanting and flickering with iridescence. Just precious, every makeup items is a jewel itself.

2.DIOR Couture Pret-a- Porter Nude Palette for Eyes and Lips.

 3.DIOR Smoky Pret-a- Porter Palette for Eyes and Lips

Frida Kahlo Inspired Look for Halloween

If you think of style icons from the past, perhaps the first women that come to mind are Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot. These women are all brilliant but we can’t forget ‘out of the box’ style icons like Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo suffered lifelong health problems, many caused by a traffic accident she survived as a teenager. Recovering from her injuries isolated her from other people, and this isolation influenced her works, many of which are self-portraits of one sort or another. Kahlo suggested, "I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best." In other words she liked to take amazing and magic selfies.

As an artist I find her hypnotic, as a woman I find her a hero and a style icon, either way a beautiful inspiration. She loved life, she was fearless and she lived with passion.

I know that some of you will ask why would someone love to have a furry uni-brow and a mustache, well this facial hairs are a symbol of acceptance and being true to yourself and live a life without lurking beneath the filters of social media. I think this is the answer and I had to mention this because I saw people making fun of this matter without understanding the symbolism behind it.

I tried my very best to implement all Frida Kahlo's elements in my look, the way she was wearing her hear, the accessories, the colors she loved and even the facial hair.
I wanted to look like her and I hope I have not done a bad job at it.

2015 Beauty Empties #2 (hair & nails)

......... earlier today I realized I lost control over my beauty empties, the pile got all of a sudden too big and annoying. I am kind of tidy and hording useless stuff is something I hate to do. A lot of things, specially hair products got finished all at once. I am not so happy that some of these products are finished, I will have to repurchase them again and that will maybe unbalance my bank account a bit.

Let's do this! OH, and by the way if you want to see the 2015 Beauty Empties #1 post just click here 

HAIR : 1. L'OREAL ELVIVE COLOR-VIVE  has been my shampoo for colored hair for over a year, actually since I could not find PANTENE PRO- V anymore. I think is time to make a change because I found something much better, something that makes my hair softer. It was not a bad shampoo but I find it way to basic for my needs and I have to use a lot of conditioner after because my hair is all dry and the color is not so vibrant. It smells nice and despite the fact that I have a dry scalp, this shampoo did not caused me any rash or itchiness. I will not repurchase it.

Hold on to your beauty even after 30, new beauty rules and skin care perfecting routine

I was planning for a while to write about some beauty struggles and beauty tips for everyone that has faced the big 30 but also for anyone else that has interest in beauty overall.
Skin is always changing because is alive, one day can be dry as heel and other day can look gorgeous or full of breakouts.

30's is the perfect time to take your skin care regimen more seriously if you haven't done that yet!
 Your skin care routine should no longer consist just of the basic products (cleanser, toner, moisturizer). You must add new products that can bring lots of  beauty benefits, like serums, dry oils and eye creams. 
Do you have a night skin care routine ? If you don't have yet you should make one starting with today.

VICHY NORMADERM Triple Action 3 in 1 Cleanser Review

I never used anything from VICHY NORMADERM  line before I received some samples of NORMADERM Triple Action 3 in 1 cleanser.
VICHY NORMADERM  line is specially designed to keep skin clear and blemish free, minimize the appearance of large pores, prevent breakouts and wipe out the undesirable oiliness.

Allure magazine featured VICHY NORMADERM Triple Action 3 in 1 cleanser as "complexion perfection" must have and I am really happy I could try it and see how it works.

Unboxing /Haul from Douglas and Paula's Choice

Few days ago I ordered some things from Douglas and from Paula's Choice and so I promised an unboxing post and here it is :)

Some shopping happened because I really needed some things!I am gonna start with the small box from Paula's Choice.

Here you can see 2 of my favorite skin care products for dry skin : Resist Weekly Resurfacing Treatment with 10 %AHA ( exfoliant ) and Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum. Both products are in my skin care regimen for almost 2 years and they improved  my skin condition. A little bit expensive but they work great and its last me for about 6 months. Inside the box there were some paper information about the products, ingredients and how to put together the best skin care routine for yourself.

Best Tanning Experience Ever

Whenever the sun is hiding or you just don't want to step into the harmful UV rays, fake tan or sunless tan is something you should definitely try out! Bronzers and sunless tanners are safer and faster and they help you achieve results that are as beautiful as the real deal. Dermatologists and beauty experts steer everyone towards these type of products if they want more color on their skin, because it is safer this way; safer than just going to a tanning salon where you can get "deep fried" by getting exposed to UV rays.

Als de zon weer eens verstoppertje aan het spelen is of als je zelf geen behoefte aan schadelijke UV-stralen hebt, dan is het een goed idee om fake tan of sunless tan te proberen!  Bronzers en sunless tanners zijn sneller en veiliger en helpen je hetzelfde resultaat te bereiken als het echte werk.
Dermatologen en beauty experts raden dit type producten aan aan mensen die meer kleur willen, omdat het veiliger is; veiliger dan een zonnebank waar je jezelf gaar kookt met UV-stralen.

Le Tan Gradual Tan Daily Glow lotion SPF 15 is my favorite product when it comes to fake tan. It's gradual, moisturizing, easy to apply, smells amazing and makes me look and feel like a celebrity that just returned from a weekend in the Maldives :).

Le Tan Gradual Tan Daily Glow lotion SPF 15 is mijn favoriete product als het aankomt op fake tan. Het is een geleidelijke, vochtinbrengende, makkelijk aan te brengen, heerlijk ruikende lotion en laat me voelen en er uit zien als een celebrity die niet terugkomt van een weekendje in de Malediven :).

Givenchy Glamour On the Go 3 Step Makeup Palette

Givenchy Glamour On the Go 3 Step Makeup Palette is a precious palette with an exclusive design that step-by-step unveils the iconic Givenchy Le Make-Up products for face, eyes and lips.
This makeup palette is limited edition and it was designed exclusive for travel. I saw it in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and was love at first sight but also the perfect gift for my birthday.

Glamour On the Go 3 Step Makeup Palette comes in a compact round case, in black with golden accents.The compact case also features a mirror, mini powder brush and eye shadow applicator for freshening up wherever you go. The case itself is more than sophisticated and it holds all you need for the ultimate fashion style.Glamour On the Go 3 Step Makeup Palette has 3 levels.

Tips for the perfect flawless fake tan!

If you want to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun (i.e., wrinkles, brown spots, or, worse, skin cancer), the only safe glow is one that comes from a bottle.Nowadays we have new tanning formulations that dry quickly, show up instantly, and can be washed off in as little as an hour, so why not to rock sexy bronzed skin all year long ?


Below you will find all the tips and tricks necessary for the perfect self-tan application.

1. The most important step in getting the perfect fake tan is exfoliation ! You don't want to apply fake tan on dead skin, that will be a disaster for sure. Always prepare your skin and start with exfoliation in the shower, be sure you removed all the dead skin cells that get in the way of your even tan application. Pay extra attention to really dry spots like your elbows and knees.
2.Don't apply fake tan products on fresh shaved/waxed legs, as your skin will become sensitized and it can reactivate to the tanning formulation, also don't shave/wax your legs after you applied your tan. 

10 Parisian Beauty Picks

In my opinion "French fammes "  have the most beautiful skin, amazing red lips, they age gracefully and they have all around gorgeousness. After my last trip to Paris, I thought  it was about time to inject more French skincare into my everyday life, because the education and culture of good skincare starts right there, in France !

Here are 10 of my Parisian Beauty Picks -  from over the years plus a couple of new finds.

1. Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint , beautifying foundation, a magical fluid for sun-kissed and glowy skin. This is a new find and I simply adore it !
2. Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, makes my dry skin supple and elastic. 
3. Homeoplasmine, French Vaseline infused with plant extracts, great for skin irritations, very dry lips, eczema.

Cancer Council Ultra Lip Balm SPF 50 UVA/UVB Review

Anyone can be at risk of developing skin cancer, this risk increases as you get older. You probably know that this type of cancer is caused by exposure to UV radiation in sunlight.
The sun is important for our health, helping us to produce vitamin D. However, we must enjoy it in moderation and avoid extensive exposure.

Iedereen kan huidkanker krijgen, dit risico wordt groter naarmate je ouder wordt. Je weet waarschijnlijk dat je dit type kanker krijg door overmatige blootstelling aan UV straling van zonlicht.
De zon is belangrijk voor onze gezongheid, het helpt ons om vitamine D te produceren. Echter, we moeten met mate genieten van de zon en voorkomen dat we onszelf teveel blootstellen aan de zon.

Just like the rest of your skin, your lips need protection from the sun to help prevent skin cancer. Your lower lip is especially vulnerable because it sticks out a bit and faces up, so it gets more sun exposure than your upper lip. If your lip balm doesn’t have SPF, buy one that does and put it on before your lipstick or lip gloss year-round, just like you apply moisturizer with SPF before any other makeup.

I highly recommend Cancer Council Ultra Lip Balm SPF 50 UVA/UVB and I will tell you why.

Net zoals de rest van je huid, hebben je lippen bescherming tegen de zon nodig om de kans op huidkanker te verkleinen. Vooral je onderlip is in het bijzonder extra kwetsbaar omdat die iets uitsteekt en naar boven gericht is. Daarom komt er net iets meer zonlicht direct op dan op de bovenlip. Als je lippenbalsem geen SPF heeft, koop er dan één die dat wel heeft en gebruik die op je lippen vóórdat je lippenstift of lipgloss gebruikt. Net zoals dat je eerst moisturizer met SPF gebruikt voordat je andere makeup aanbrengt.

Ik raad Cancer Council Ultra Lip Balm SPF 50 UVA/UVB aan, en ik zal je uitleggen waarom.

Le Tan Daily Face Sheer Tint SPF 30+ Review

You don't have to go to the beach to need a face cream with a medium high SPF, and it does not have to be summer to wear sun protection.
UV rays are reflected by the snow and water and they can increase risk of sun damage. Winter or summer, sunscreen is important because skin damage can occur even on cloudy or hazy days.

I always have products with SPF, for body and face but I still ordered this product a while ago to take it with me to Barcelona, where I am going to be in the sun most days. I already used it several times and I really love it! Because I work as a beautician I always get asked about the products that I use and I think this review will be quite helpful!

Le Tan Daily Face Sheer Tint SPF 30+  is made in Australia, where it is also quite famous and the most trusted sun care brand! Now I know why everyone that uses this product loves it. So far I liked everything I had from Le Tan, they have one of the most amazing exfoliating mitts (gloves) I used, but the story with that glove is for another time and another article :)

Zara Raspberry Summer Dress

I love to wear dresses as much as the Dutch weather allows me. I love to be, feel feminine and elegant and I really don't like something else in the summertime so I am using the warm weather  to break out my brights!


Bold, Blue Cat Eye Makeup Look

Bored with the black traditional cat eye ? Why not try something else?

How about something blue, more like denim blue, if you don't dare to go with turquoise or a bright orange. Maybe a neon color would be to much, but a denim blue might just look perfect for a summer and playful cat eye look . Creative, dramatic, bold and bright eye looks and almost angry winged were seen at Givenchy and Max Mara.

Makeup and Hair Tricks for your best Passport Photo Ever

Every once in a while we need to take passport photos, photos for a driver's license, for a visa or maybe a student /work ID. Yesterday I had to go take some photos for my driving license as it will expire soon and I must renew it. Even if I am most of the time quite photogenic I have to admit that I always get a bit nervous when I have to pose for passport photos or any other type of ID, just because I hate the  bright unflattering flash from the photographer. 

There are some easy steps you can take to look your best in your photos and I am ready to share it with you. First of all, you need to invest a little bit more time in your grooming and be sure your hair is all clean and not greasy and all sleek. Take a hair cut if is necessary, go to a hairdresser, shape your eyebrows, have a fresh hair color or whatever it makes you look neat and presentable. In other words : take the time to do your hair properly, but don’t look “overly done” because you are not posing for Vogue! By the way, don't forget that both ears must be visible so you might need to tuck your hair behind your ears, face must be clear and visible. Another important thing to do before you head to the photograph is to make your eyes look clear and bright by using redness reducing eye drops.

We love to tan, but is it worth it ?

.....just the other day, summer, finally arrived in The Netherlands. Everyone seems to be over excited and happy, including me (yey !!!) as I am such a solar person and also because I lived for 33 years in Romania,where summer lasts for 4 months and the temperatures can reach 48 °C.

Yesterday morning all I wanted to do was  going to the beach, but it was only Thursday and I had to work :( S0, in the train, on my way to Amsterdam, I was feeling jealous of everyone else who was heading over to the beach to enjoy a sea breeze and get a tan, really jealous and a bit frustrated. The weather was so perfect for something like this ! 
On the way back, in the early evening, more than half of the people in the train were sunburned, both adults and teens. We love to get a tan,  but is it really worth it ?

 A sunburn is a form of radiation burn that affects living tissues suck as skin, but also eyes   and it results  from an overexposure  to  sun UV radiation. Common symptoms in humans and also animals include red skin that feels hot to the touch, pain, general fatigue and also mild dizziness. I also had to mention animals, because we love taking our dogs to the beach, don't we ?
Anyway, that morning , before I left,I checked the UV Index , as I knew I would probably spend some time outdoor, in the sun. It reached 7 around noon, for The Netherlands, Spain , Romania, Belgium and 10 for Germany. Is that bad ?

Vichy Pureté Thermale 3-in-1 One Step Cleanser and Vichy Purete Thermale Fresh Cleansing Gel.

For the past 2 years, I did used a lot more dermato-cosmetics and Vichy was always in my first options, as for me it really works out better than La Roche Posay or others. 
Lately, I had the chance to test some Vichy products and today I will review 2 cleansers designed for sensitive skin,Vichy Pureté Thermale 3-in-1 One Step Cleanser and Vichy Purete Thermale Fresh Cleansing Gel.
Last review for a Vichy  product was not long ago, for a body milk and a balm from Ideal Body range and if you are interested you can read about it here.

 Vichy Pureté Thermale 3-in-1 One Step Cleanser, a new generation of cleansers with an enriched moisturizing texture and anti-pollution ingredients, designed to clean and comfort dry and sensitive skin and voted by ALLURE in 2014, Best of Beauty. Lightweight, non-greasy, alcohol free, non-comedogenic, PH-balanced, hypoallergenic and safe to use around the eye area, in other words it has been ophtalmological approved. 

Taste of Amsterdam 2015

Taste of Amsterdam is an annual food festival that takes place not far from the center of Amsterdam, in Amstelpark, at the beginning of June (4th until June 7th).

This food festival is a place where the best Dutch and international chefs cook up delicious things, a place where the best restaurants in Amsterdam present their signature dish and a food heaven ! 

Sunday was the last day and even if I just came from a holiday I could not miss the opportunity of having extra fun, a chill out moment on sounds of jazz and soul with great drinks and some tasty food. Hm, I just realized I forgot to try the mojito's.

2015 Beauty Empties #1

Finishing a product is a big deal for a beauty junkie, so I thought I should  also join this "project " and start with my very first post about empty cosmetic products.

 I have such a satisfying feeling when I manage to actually use completely a product, and also like it. I am sure you also feel the same.
 I had all my empty products in a bag and it was kind of overflowing so I just could not wait anymore and I also could not take the risk that my bf finds the bag and just trow it away, by accident :))) -it happened before. 

Here are my empties ! I hope you will enjoy this post as it will include also a mini review.

"Evil Samples" #sampleandbought

I don't know about you but I love to try out things before I buy them in full size, specially the very expensive ones. There are so many reviews everywhere, about almost anything you wanna buy, but to be honest I can't always relay on a review made by someone else.

One of my Instagram friends, Patricia-@expatbeauty, had a brilliant idea to make a #sampleandbought tag and I decided to join her in this so called challenge.This way,I realized how important are samples, specially the free ones because not everything that is small and cute comes for free :))). I also realized why my bank account is getting smaller every month.
 So, here are some of  the products that I first tried, used and loved and in the end bought it in a full/bigger size.

L'Oreal Manicure Diamond Force Strengthening Serum

Brittle nails are caused by various factors such as: extreme weather conditions, humidity, over-exposure to the sun, nail polishes and nail polish removers, excess use of water, harsh detergents and chemicals. Besides these external factors, dry, peeling nails can appear due to several illnesses, aging, vitamin deficiency or insufficient water intake.

Using nail strengtheners on a daily basis is another great method to cure brittle nails. Nail strengtheners should be applied in the same way as nail polishes, covering your nails with a thin coat of product. In order to ideally nourish your fingernails, opt for a nail strengthener, which contains vitamin B,Ca or protein.

Lancôme Miracle Cushion Foundation Review

Lancôme, the Parisian beauty giant, is the very first one to launch on the European market , the Miracle Cushion, beauty secret of Koreans.

I see Miracle Cushion as a new beauty innovation, ready to make you forget about every BB or CC  cream or any other 5 in 1 magical cream, of Korean influence.
Lancôme Miracle Cushion Cream comes encapsulated in a small case, has a light airy texture and a special non-absorbing sponge that provides an ideal application. This product is more a fusion of a liquid with a compact product. It has the freshness of a liquid foundation  and the facility of a compact, is easy to carry around in your bag and to do  small touch ups during day.
Lancôme Miracle Cushion Cream has UV filters (SPF 23), moisturizing properties and special pigments to even and unify your skin tone. 

10 foods for beautiful healthy skin

 What you eat can affect your hormone balance, cause acne, and create inflammation. I think that what you eat can be as important as the serums and creams you apply on your skin, or maybe even more important. To me this was proven so many times, and for this reason I decided to invest not only in my skincare but also in food. 
Here are my top 10 favorite foods for a beautiful healthy skin, some of it will help fight inflammation and acne, while others will give a super gorgeous natural skin glow.

1.Spinach - nutrient rich food you should definitely include into your eating plan. Vitamin E, iron, chlorophyll, magnesium, fibers, vitamin A, vitamin C, all great for your skin. Spinach is packed with antioxidants that help prevent different types of skin problems.

2.Avocado - a rather unique type of fruit. Rich in omega-9 fat, oleic acid is also involved in regenerating damaged skin cells and reducing facial redness and irritation. Avocados are a great source of antioxidant carotenoids like alpha carotene, beta carotene, beta cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin and lutein. These antioxidants provide significant protection for your skin from the environmental damage that leads to fine lines, wrinkles and other visible signs of aging.

Vichy Ideal Body Line-Milk Serum and Balm Review

Everyone desire a gorgeous skin and we all know that skin can be transformed and nowadays is easier to achieve ideal skin with less imperfection or even better, without imperfection. Because of the cosmetic and dermatological innovation we can have ideal good looking healthy skin, even us the ones with sensitive skin.Vichy has something new and amazing for us ! Vichy comes with no less than 4 different textures : a body balm, a serum milk, a dry oil and a dry gold oil.

Olay Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream Review

Olay* Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream is a rich eye cream formulated with a unique blend of 7 vitamins and minerals, including cucumber extract, aloe vera and VitaNiacin, which helps to exfoliate, repair skin’s moisture barrier and maintain skin’s even tone.
Olay Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream contains light-diffusing powders that provide an instant glow to skin all around the eyes, and an enhanced radiance overall.

 I am 33 years old and I have been having more and more trouble with those silly laugh lines, and my under eye area seems to be very dry, so, I decided to try this product. The first time I bought my first jar of Olay Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream was almost 4 years ago and since then I still buy it every 6 months. Well, I have tried a few different eye creams expensive and non expensive eye creams but somehow I keep going back to the Olay. As far as drug store eye creams go, this is one of my favorites. It's not a miracle worker, but it does provide some visible improvement.