Taste of Amsterdam 2015

Taste of Amsterdam is an annual food festival that takes place not far from the center of Amsterdam, in Amstelpark, at the beginning of June (4th until June 7th).

This food festival is a place where the best Dutch and international chefs cook up delicious things, a place where the best restaurants in Amsterdam present their signature dish and a food heaven ! 

Sunday was the last day and even if I just came from a holiday I could not miss the opportunity of having extra fun, a chill out moment on sounds of jazz and soul with great drinks and some tasty food. Hm, I just realized I forgot to try the mojito's.
 My first stop was at Loetje, as they have the best steak you can eat in NL. Me and my boyfriend are so crazy about this restaurant, once a month we must go there and treat ourselves with some juicy tender, perfect, steak.

Second stop was for a wine tour at Famille CASTEL, just because after a good steak you need a great wine, so everything goes hand in hand over here :).
After my first glass of wine it was the perfect time to take a tour of the park and see everything: all the restaurants, the market with all the delicatessen and the special goodies, people around, the atmosphere. Everything is so much more diverse than last year. There was a special market from where you could try /taste and buy some amazing goodies. I could not stay away from Waldo's Chocolate stand. Just look at what he was selling ! Fresh pastry, home made chocolate, mini tarts, brownies.

Oh sweet heaven! Good-bye beach body :)))) I got some brownies for at home and they were extremely delicious and so perfect with a cup of coffee. Probably the best brownies I ever had.

And for a sugar overload experience, French macarons  in a wide variety of flavors!

I also got for at home old Dutch cheese and 2 types of dried sausage, they will be perfect  for an evening with a glass of wine, so I am not sorry I spent some extra money.

Fresh tomatoes, rustic bread from the oven, fresh selection of mushrooms, everything so fresh and such a delight !

I was really happy to see that Dille & Kammile were also present at the festival. I am really crazy about this shop, they have perfect things for at home, for in the kitchen and not only. I love to buy soap bars from them.The soap smells so nice and is made of natural ingredients, flower petals, herbs. 
If you never been in one of the Dille & Kamille shops, you must visit and I bet you will be hooked on what they sell.

I have been looking for some ice cream, but I haven't seen anywhere. Ice cream would be so perfect on a sunny day at a food festival, after you sunbath at a terrace. To my surprise  I  have not seen any place with ice cream, and I was really in the mood for a Magnum or a Ben & Jerry.

For everyone who loves cooking, there were several workshops you could join. Academy for Masterchefs was one of the most popular.
I was really impressed with how the festival was organized. Everything was so much better than last year: more places where you could have drinks and food, more sits, more diversity and no lines at the kasa, and paying with pin card was not an issue. The bars and terraces were really modern and inviting! Every glass I had was extremely clean, I mean spotless!  I really had to make this remark, as in a place like this hygiene is very important.

At the end, I went for a last drink to Villa Cassa, just like last year. So cocktail time! Love the settings here and the atmosphere,the bartenders were very friendly. Had a cranberry rum cocktail, very refreshing and tasty, in a huge fancy glass.

Was a great Sunday and a nice experience! Before I left I had to buy one more thing: a huge flower bouquet. My happiness is complete now and I  am waiting for the next year !

What do you think about this festival ?
Have you ever been to a food festival ? Would  you like to attend Taste of Amsterdam in the future ?

This post is not sponsored. I payed for my entrance and for everything else I mentioned above. I just love this food fair and most of the time I promote what I love. All pictures are taken by me.

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