Make-up trends on the runway for spring-summer 2014

Here we are in January and spring may seem far away, but these gorgeous makeup trends will be on all our faces before we know it. 
I am a beauty-consultant and make-up artist and I have to know in time what is new and what are the coming trends for every season long before the season start as I have to update my product range and  build a new kit with the latest colors and products.

I have great news: this year the make-up is very feminine,natural and minimalist. Luminous, rosy look, dewy skin and petal-colored lips and I have to say out loud I love no make-up make-up with flawless skin and subtle contouring.We have minimal make-up at Chloe, natural make-up at Lanvin, Balmain,Vera Wang and only a little bit of hollow appearance under lilac hue seen at Rochas.

Pastel hues are up on the runways this season witch is lovely. Soft defused,washed colors,flower blossom inspired, lavender, baby blues, greens and even yellow all over the eyes were seen at Marc Jacobs, but I am not surprised  as he found his inspiration in flowers and nature many times. Blue, green, lilac eyeliner a must this summer .

 White eyeshadow, has suddenly become the most insistently chic eyeshadow shade of the season! And it's not hard to see why--a wash of white, cream, or eggshell shadow on lids or in the inside corners instantly gives eyes a pop of radiance. My advice is that you should skip the smokey eyes this spring.

I know you all purchasing those berry dark lipstick to join the fall trend festivity. But the color star of the year is ORANGE and if you are wondering what are you going to do with the purplish lipstick color you've purchased, as long as it matte, then you're good to go.No glossy lips this year, tropical, matte, electrical colors are a must. And to finish with the lip service I will say that red is still great for this spring and summer,is classic and in my opinion will never go away and I am still in love with my Red Tango from Estee Lauder .

Another trend, black eyeliner, nothing new but this time it needs to be neat or winged.You can also smudge some black khol, both top and bottom lash-line for soft punky look.This inky liner trend was seen as Versace, Cavalli .
Everything  is so wearable this spring/summer season regarding make-up: velvet and dewy skin, highlighted shimmery lids.The gold and glitter was seen only at Dior,as their color focus for eyes and brows .Pale gold lids were also spotted at D&G.
The face contour must be very subtle this season and it makes me so happy as I was so tired to see the neon pink dolly cheeks everywhere .
The brow trend. All you have to do here is to keep your brows neat, elongated and softly arched.

I collected  the best standout moments from New York, London, Milan and Paris ready to wear for this spring and summer and for inspiration  my sources were:

Will you adopt this minimalist natural look or will you still wear a lot of dark shadow,heavy smokey eyes and super bright rouge cheeks?
I hope you find this post useful and you know already what things will get replaced in your make-up bag to keep up with trends and to give yourself a fresh make-up over.
I would also love to know your opinion in the comment section,as it will help me offer you better information in the next coming posts .


  1. I love the orange lips, the blue eyeliner and the white eyeshadow! Great trends, I can't wait to try them on ;) But what about the nails? What are the manicure trends for the obsessed like me :)))

    1. White nail polish,half moon,colorful french,oval long nude nails,pop of sheer pink and glitter along the tips !

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