Organic Tea And Radiant Skin Talk

This post is not about gummy bears, beauty vitamins or any other type of beauty supplements that come in a jar and are trending right now everywhere on social media.

This post is about organic tea and plant/herb infused in water and how you can bring back your natural glow and support your immunity system.

A cup of tea is a cup of peace, a hug in a cup and sometimes the best medicine!

Organic herbal tea can help you get not only a detoxified liver and a boosted lymphatic system but also the perfect skin radiance, the natural glow that comes from within you.

Having a big cup of tea every day will benefit your immunity system, your circulation,  collagen production, skin regeneration and hydration. No sugar, just sit and sip in bliss !

Tea is the superstar in the natural skincare world! You can drink it, you can rinse your hair with it, you can use it as a skin toner or in facial masks.

Hibiscus tea is rich in vitamins and minerals, natural alpha-hydroxy acids and omega 3 fatty acids. Packed with vitamin C and anti inflammatory properties, Hibiscus is also known as the "botox flower". Perfect tea for a skin detox that supports a healthy natural glow and my favorite!

Clipper Tea (Cupper in Germany) has an organic blend of Hibiscus flower, Elderberry flower and Chamomile mix called Flower Power, and it's not only delicious and refreshing but it made me have amazing, glowy skin during all these cold winter months.Unfortunately they sell Flower Power only in Germany and after I finish this box I will have to make my own Flower Power tea mix as I don't wanna loose this beautiful skin glow, but that should be fun. Also, I bought this tea myself, just so you know this is not a sponsored post and I am not trying to sell you any tea :)))
Green tea will fight inflammation and has a super potent antioxidant effect that will reactivate dying skin cells.Wow, right ?

Chamomile is ideal for inducing feelings of calm and rest, and because it has antibacterial properties it can support your skin to naturally heal faster. Very soothing, protects skin from free radical damage and helps reduce puffiness/dark circles under eyes when applied on skin. Reduces period cramps, boosts immunity and promotes a restful sleep. Don't forget that sleep is really important for regenerating your skin.

White tea, can help slow down the skin-aging process and prevent collagen and elastin to breakdown.

Rooibos is the Retinol of plants, packed with high levels of antioxidants, zinc, alpha-hydroxy acids and special enzymes that will protect against free radicals.

Other herbs that made a big impact on how my skin looks are Nettle and Dandelion(root). I have seen these 2 used a lot in skin detox blends and I have been using them myself a lot when I had problems with hormonal acne. 

Calendula (Pot Marigold) tea is worth mentioning also because is an excellent wound healer and is very gently for most people. Amazing for itchy eyes when you have allergies, as a hair rinse for itchy scalp conditions, eczema, minor wounds, congested lymph nodes, sunburns. 

These are some of my favorite plants for using in tea and cold infusions that help me get better skin. Plants are really magical and they harness the extraordinary power of nature and the warming light of sun just so they can give it to us.

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