Make-up is a must for grey hair!

        ''Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art'', said E.Roosevelt and I can not agree more. 
        Grey hair can be youthfully gorgeous when paired with the right makeup choices and there is no reason to panic or give up on make-up and style after 50. Some of us go grey around 25, some even earlier and some very late around 50. It takes some time to accept  this transformation and to go from colored hair to grey/silver hair. Most of us don't even like the idea of getting grey and I have to admit I am one of these persons. I am 31 and 40% of my hair is grey but I keep coloring and hiding it. As a make-up artist I get in contact also with mature women, and some of them have embraced completely the grey/silver hairstyle and this is why I decided to write about this subject. I have seen amazing, gorgeous, stylish grey hair ladies and each of them  proved me that you can still be beautiful, delicate and stunning no matter your hair color or age. 

       In the picture you can see one of the most beautiful and famous models ever, Carmen Dell'Orefice. The world's oldest working model as of the Spring/Summer 2012 season.
How stunning and fabulous she looks with her grey/white hair!

Mature women can still wear make-up and color!
Make-up is a must for grey hair, as skin is in fact also paler and lighter with age.
Grey hair tends to drain color from the face, and your old shade may no longer work.
Grey hair can be youthfully gorgeous when paired with the right make-up choices and there is no reason to panic or give up on make-up and style after 50.

Product review: Collistar Silk Effect Loose Powder

Silk Effect Loose Powder is a loose, semi-transparent, face powder... a make-up product combined with a beauty treatment. This extraordinary loose powder is made with extremely fine ultra-micronised powders enriched with vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and a UV filter, moisturizes the skin and makes it extraordinarily smooth and silky. Comes in a classy opaline box with golden lid and a great quality powder puff. My first Collistar product and I think not the last one. This time the Italians did a great job!

I love the box and I also love the powder, it's so soft and so easy to work with it. If you want a natural glow and softness, this product is divine.

Explore beauty with Mary Kay and get unforgettable eyes!

It's girl time! Sabine Maas, Star Beauty Consultant at Mary Kay in Holland sent me the most beautiful envelope I ever received full with amazing products, beautiful colorful eyeliners and a instant moisture lipstick.

 Welcome spring look!I'm wearing Rich Jade (green) eyeliner from Mary Kay! Perfect shade to intensify and enhance brown eyes! Smooth application and great pigments .Very pretty for spring and summer.Eyeliners are waterproof, smudge-proof, fade resistant and super creamy so they glide on without effort.Here are the swatches of the rest of eyeliners.Deep brown, Dark Denim and Black are completely matte and Bronze,Steely and Violet Ink have a slightly shimmery texture that attracts light. 

Getting a beautiful eye look is simple when you know a few secrets that makeup artists use to create a gorgeous look.To get started, consider choosing eye shadows that work with your skin tone and eye color. Have fun playing with different colors to find your favorites. And then learn the application tips that best enhance your eye shape .  
When choosing eye shadows that bring out the color of your eyes, pick shades that either complement or contrast your irises. 

Personal opinion on TimeWise Repair™ Volu-Firm™ tester set from Mary Kay

Sabine Maas (Star Beauty Consultant at Mary Kay in Holland) sent me, among some beautiful eyeliners, a full TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm tester set.
TimeWise Repair™ Volu-Firm™ Set:
- Foaming Cleanser
- Lifting Serum
- Day Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30
- Night Treatment With Retinol
- Eye Renewal Cream

Amsterdam, Sophisticated fashion, Season synergy and the amazing Aziz Bekkaoui

       Unlike in Paris, Amsterdam shows are usually not followed by sales in showrooms. Many clothes by Dutch designers are not even produced, but regularly borrowed by actresses and described only in fashion magazines. Amsterdam Fashion Week is the only fashion event that is not exclusively open to professionals, and I am so extremely happy and content with this fact as I could enjoy one of my most amazing Friday nights between amazing models, make-up artists, brilliant Dutch artists and beautiful artistic people.

      Another highlight of the Fashion-Week in Amsterdam was the show of Aziz Bekkaoui, his models down the runway wearing all black, exposing his collection of beautifully made lace dresses and sweaters with leather lace-up sleeves, ​​from high quality fabrics.

        He is one of the Dutch designers who has at his shows and presentations, in the front row, the royal dutch family : King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima. In other words the Dutch-Moroccan artist Aziz Bekkaoui is the fame of the Dutch designers, and despite of all his talents and international fame he remained modest. Bekkaoui  has been active in fashion for almost 20 years and he won the Amsterdam Price of Arts, which he truly deserved. Artist of the year in 2007 for innovative design, he created and designed for stage, opera and dance performances. You could admire his creations in various museums in the inland and abroad in New York.