Lierac Hydragenist Moisturising Serum, a serum that improved the way my skin looks

Lierac was founded in France in 1975 by a cosmetic surgeon who wanted to help women improve the look and texture of their skin, now offers their products on a global scale.

Lierac has a really good reputation when it comes to their expertise in skin disorders and aesthetic medicine.Recently and for the very first time, Lierac created a skincare range inspired by tissue oxygenation, a brilliant aesthetic technique which involves spraying pure oxygen, hyaluronic acid and vitamins onto the skin to hydrate it intensely and effective.

Metallic Rose -Gold Lips and Shimmery Eyes

I have been wearing matte lips for ages and now that the metallic lip was the trend look of the Summer I really had to jump on it. I opted for a molten, glossy, metallic finish because it photographs really well and it has this lovely shine that adds a little bit of extra dimension to my lips.
This is probably not the way your supposed to wear metallic lips but if you always stick to the rules things my get really boooooring and you never get the chance to play and experiment with makeup.
So here it is : metallic lips, glowing cheeks and sparkly colorful eye shadow; SHINE HAS BECOME MY FAVORITE COLOR !