Yummylicious Skin Serum Baby Rose For Skin Prone To Eczema And Psoriasis

Lovely lady and skin expert, Kristina Soley from Yummylicious Serums, released a new skin serum, Baby Rose-an amazing and organic skin serum designed for sensitive skin, prone to eczema and psoriasis. 
Few weeks ago she sent me this delightful Baby Rose skin serum to try it and I have been using it several times a week, not only on my face but on my neck and everywhere else on my body where I tend to get eczema. 

I have used before the Yummylicious serums made by Kristina, she sent me last winter a very special serum made for dry and sensitive skin, also organic and made with premium and pure ingredients.
I absolutely love her serums, they are all oil based and infused with botanical extracts, collagen and vitamins to feed your skin and make it look radiant and healthy. If you want to know more about the Yummylicious serum for dry and sensitive skin you can read a detailed review here.

Yummylicious Serum Baby Rose, smells divine! This serum is a beautiful blend of Argan oil, Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Rose extract, Lemon extract, Chamomile extract, Geranium extract, Rosehip oils - all in the most pure form.

Skincare for tired, puffy eyes and dark circles

When it comes to tired eyes and racoon dark circles, sleep is actually the cure but also eating healthy and not smoking! Puffy eyes and dark circles can be also inherited or caused by stress, allergies, edema or an actually eye fatigue, sinus problems and too much salt in your diet. Most of these factors can not be addressed or improved fully by topical skincare treatments, and you might have to consult a doctor.

I personally don't like to cover my under-eye area with a thick layer of concealer and I prefer to treat this skin issue, to ease the appearance of darkness around my eyes and also to keep the skin under my eyes well moisturized.

Tarte Blush In Dazzled

I haven't bought anything from tarte for a long time, actually my first but also my last tarte product was this beautiful tartelette eye shadow palette I haven't even used much. 

Because I barely touched this eye shadow palette I wasn't really interested in getting anything else from them..... but than a visit to Sephora happened and I fell in love, on the spot with the tarte blushes. They look really pretty and it was very difficult to pick only one because I really wanted all of them. Dazzled was the one!

Tarte blush in shade Dazzled is more than pretty, is absolutely beautiful!
I get a new blush almost every month, some months even more than one and I never been so excited for a new blush like I was with Dazzled. 

Dazzled is described as a warm coral with a satin finish and is also a permanent shade.