Pixi Skintreats New Glow Collection

Pixi introduced a new glow collection, a skin care collection based on the famous and probably most popular acid used in skincare, Glycolic acid. 

Glycolic acid is the holy grail for exfoliation, this acid is derived from sugar cane and belongs to the AHA family, along with malic acid and lactic acid. It has the smallest molecule from the AHA family and because of that it can penetrate skin very fast, breaking apart that glue that holds dead skin cells together. This acid also has the ability to get down into the hair follicles and loosen up any build up sebum and proteins that could lead to the formation of blackheads and acne. It helps with exfoliation but it also helps to stimulate new collagen, it makes skin look more youthful and smooth and gives a better absorption for other acne medication like Retinol or for anti-aging antioxidants like Vit. C.

Since I introduced Pixi Glow Tonic in my skin care ritual (2 years ago) I am completely free of cystic acne and if you are still struggling with this terrible skin problem you should definitely introduce Glycolic acid in your skincare, in a small concentration- below 10%.

Glycolic acid can also increase sun sensitivity, risk of sunburn, cause redness and skin irritation, and even unwanted skin discoloration. The use of glycolic acid in high concentrations can cause skin scarring. Remember to always put sunscreen on while using any of the AHA acids and avoid prologue sun exposure.

Pixi Glow Collection has a cleanser, the iconic glow tonic, a glow serum, a hydrating gel and a fancy and very cool moisturizer with Vit. D2.

Pixi Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel - this hydrating gel removes impurities without stripping the skin of essential moisture. It has a unique blend of ingredients- glycolic acid, horse chestnut extract, aloe and ginseng, apple fruit extract, kiwi fruit extract, grape fruit extract, orange fruit extract, grapefruit extract, witch hazel, pineapple fruit extract, allantoin, panthenol. This cleanser is not only hydrating but also purifying and it can be used AM and PM daily. 

Pixi Eye Reflection Shadow Palette Natural Beauty- Smokey Eye Look

 Have you tried any of the Pixi Eye Reflexion Shadow Palettes?

From all the Pixi Eye Reflexion Shadow Palettes, Natural Beauty is definitely my favorite and I already used it so much that I hit the pan on one of the shadows in less than a month.

It's really difficult to find a taupe that compliments my skin/eye color and that doesn't look muddy and dirty when I try to blend it. Pixi Eye Reflexion Shadow Palette in Natural Beauty has a beautiful selection of neutral, taupe shades not just shimmery and metallic but also matte.

When in doubt I like to wear a dark smokey eye with a nude lip and this shadow palette is perfect to create smokey eye looks more or less dramatic.
Natural Beauty has some very pretty and creamy glow shades but also 3D metallic and matte shades  perfect to use for transition. I think from all the Pixi Eye Reflexion Shadow palettes (there are 3) Natural Beauty is a must have if you love natural, earthy and taupe hues.

Metallic Cooper Eyes And Red Lips

Metallic cooper eye shadow and red lipstick, a beautiful combination that looks best on someone with blue eyes and blond hair but I had to try it too! If red is too much for you, this look can be done with a nude lip as well.

Pixi Eyes Reflexion Shadow Palette in Reflex Light was perfect to create this look. All shadows in this palette are incredible rich and pigmented, easy to use, wear and blend. I was reading that they have a special 3D effect to add depth and create dimension, catching and reflecting the light in a beautiful way. I think is really true, I noticed when I took pictures of the entire palette how beautiful the light falls on it.

Makeup Talk And All Drugstore Makeup Look

Last year I have done a makeup look with only drugstore products and it ended up more popular than I expected, so I thought why not do this again and more often. I am thinking to actually do a makeup look only with drugstore products at least once a month. I think that would be fun and it will bring you and me the opportunity to discover new makeup gems at the drugstore. I am kind of excited about this!

I tried to use affordable makeup products, most of these products are really good and I use them quite often, alone or in combination with high end products. 

For this look I used some new products like a Bourjois blush I just got a week ago and my new Alverde mascara from dm but also older products from my makeup stash like my 4 year old Catrice  eyebrow set. 

 FACE:  The Ordinary Coverage Foundation - don't ask me about the shade because I need to mix a bunch of them to make something that fits me, but that happens with any foundation, other than that I think this is such an amazing foundation for the price.