Winter-proof Beauty Kit

Winter is pretty much the worst season when it comes to looking amazing.

Winter comes with its own set of weather-induced frustrations like dullness, itchy scalp, frizzy hair, dry sensitive skin prone to eczema, redness or rashes and let's not forget about chapped lips. Sounds like it is more than we can take!

Winter is a moisture thief and cold winter air mixed with annoying wind have an extraordinarily low moisture content, to the point where they will steal moisture from your skin and hair. This is why the best saving idea is to pre-protect your skin by applying moisturizing cream before you get dressed and step outside.Prevention is more valuable than several applications of cream after you're already red, dry and itchy.

This winter I am well prepared ! I built a winter-proof beauty kit with  favorite essentials items to stay beautiful and still glowing. 
My winter-proof beauty kit includes the following items :

Estee Lauder Holiday Gift Guide

Is that time of year when you decided to be a good girl and save as much as you can for a nice Christmas treat ? Or maybe you should start writing to Santa about your make-up obsession, I am sure he will understand :) 
If you don't know what to ask for, here are the perfect gifts for yourself, and they are all luxurious  items from Estee Lauder .This year they have one of the most amazing limited edition gifts I have ever seen. Every single item hypnotized me, just take a look at the most luxurious things in the world !

  1. A real luxury item, this compact and unique limited edition design will be perfect during the holidays. The perfect gift for yourself or to spoil your loved ones. Decorated with natural Swarovski crystals in shades of blue, it was created around the theme of the holidays. This compact and beautifully handcrafted golden box has inside the powder Lucidity with a transparent tint. Lucidity  Powder is a fine powder that smooths the surface and softens the appearance of fine lines, leaving skin with a luminous finish 

Pressed Powder Compact Shinning Stars (exclusive online ) 282
Pressed Powder Compact Dazzling Bow  282
Pressed Powder Compact Sapphire Sparklers  282
Pressed Powder Compact Crystal Sparklers 282€