Zara Raspberry Summer Dress

I love to wear dresses as much as the Dutch weather allows me. I love to be, feel feminine and elegant and I really don't like something else in the summertime so I am using the warm weather  to break out my brights!


Bold, Blue Cat Eye Makeup Look

Bored with the black traditional cat eye ? Why not try something else?

How about something blue, more like denim blue, if you don't dare to go with turquoise or a bright orange. Maybe a neon color would be to much, but a denim blue might just look perfect for a summer and playful cat eye look . Creative, dramatic, bold and bright eye looks and almost angry winged were seen at Givenchy and Max Mara.

Makeup and Hair Tricks for your best Passport Photo Ever

Every once in a while we need to take passport photos, photos for a driver's license, for a visa or maybe a student /work ID. Yesterday I had to go take some photos for my driving license as it will expire soon and I must renew it. Even if I am most of the time quite photogenic I have to admit that I always get a bit nervous when I have to pose for passport photos or any other type of ID, just because I hate the  bright unflattering flash from the photographer. 

There are some easy steps you can take to look your best in your photos and I am ready to share it with you. First of all, you need to invest a little bit more time in your grooming and be sure your hair is all clean and not greasy and all sleek. Take a hair cut if is necessary, go to a hairdresser, shape your eyebrows, have a fresh hair color or whatever it makes you look neat and presentable. In other words : take the time to do your hair properly, but don’t look “overly done” because you are not posing for Vogue! By the way, don't forget that both ears must be visible so you might need to tuck your hair behind your ears, face must be clear and visible. Another important thing to do before you head to the photograph is to make your eyes look clear and bright by using redness reducing eye drops.

We love to tan, but is it worth it ?

.....just the other day, summer, finally arrived in The Netherlands. Everyone seems to be over excited and happy, including me (yey !!!) as I am such a solar person and also because I lived for 33 years in Romania,where summer lasts for 4 months and the temperatures can reach 48 °C.

Yesterday morning all I wanted to do was  going to the beach, but it was only Thursday and I had to work :( S0, in the train, on my way to Amsterdam, I was feeling jealous of everyone else who was heading over to the beach to enjoy a sea breeze and get a tan, really jealous and a bit frustrated. The weather was so perfect for something like this ! 
On the way back, in the early evening, more than half of the people in the train were sunburned, both adults and teens. We love to get a tan,  but is it really worth it ?

 A sunburn is a form of radiation burn that affects living tissues suck as skin, but also eyes   and it results  from an overexposure  to  sun UV radiation. Common symptoms in humans and also animals include red skin that feels hot to the touch, pain, general fatigue and also mild dizziness. I also had to mention animals, because we love taking our dogs to the beach, don't we ?
Anyway, that morning , before I left,I checked the UV Index , as I knew I would probably spend some time outdoor, in the sun. It reached 7 around noon, for The Netherlands, Spain , Romania, Belgium and 10 for Germany. Is that bad ?