Pixi Eye Reflection Shadow Palete Natural Beauty- Smokey Eye Look

 Have you tried any of the Pixi Eye Reflexion Shadow Palettes?

From all the Pixi Eye Reflexion Shadow Palettes, Natural Beauty is definitely my favorite and I already used it so much that I hit the pan on one of the shadows in less than a month.

It's really difficult to find a taupe that compliments my skin/eye color and that doesn't look muddy and dirty when I try to blend it. Pixi Eye Reflexion Shadow Palette in Natural Beauty has a beautiful selection of neutral, taupe shades not just shimmery and metallic but also matte.

When in doubt I like to wear a dark smokey eye with a nude lip and this shadow palette is perfect to create smokey eye looks more or less dramatic.
Natural Beauty has some very pretty and creamy glow shades but also 3D metallic and matte shades  perfect to use for transition. I think from all the Pixi Eye Reflexion Shadow palettes (there are 3) Natural Beauty is a must have if you love natural, earthy and taupe hues.

Metallic Cooper Eyes And Red Lips

Metallic cooper eye shadow and red lipstick, a beautiful combination that looks best on someone with blue eyes and blond hair but I had to try it too! If red is too much for you, this look can be done with a nude lip as well.

Pixi Eyes Reflexion Shadow Palette in Reflex Light was perfect to create this look. All shadows in this palette are incredible rich and pigmented, easy to use, wear and blend. I was reading that they have a special 3D effect to add depth and create dimension, catching and reflecting the light in a beautiful way. I think is really true, I noticed when I took pictures of the entire palette how beautiful the light falls on it.

Makeup Talk And All Drugstore Makeup Look

Last year I have done a makeup look with only drugstore products and it ended up more popular than I expected, so I thought why not do this again and more often. I am thinking to actually do a makeup look only with drugstore products at least once a month. I think that would be fun and it will bring you and me the opportunity to discover new makeup gems at the drugstore. I am kind of excited about this!

I tried to use affordable makeup products, most of these products are really good and I use them quite often, alone or in combination with high end products. 

For this look I used some new products like a Bourjois blush I just got a week ago and my new Alverde mascara from dm but also older products from my makeup stash like my 4 year old Catrice  eyebrow set. 

 FACE:  The Ordinary Coverage Foundation - don't ask me about the shade because I need to mix a bunch of them to make something that fits me, but that happens with any foundation, other than that I think this is such an amazing foundation for the price.

New Pixi Luxurious Oils For Face And Body

Have you tried the new PIXI oils for face and body?  Don't you love how pretty they look?

Recently released, these beautiful Pixi oils are my new obsession and I got to try all of them. I've been told that these oils are formulated to suit all skin types. Some of them are meant to cleanse and some are meant to moisturize and prep your complexion perfectly.

Pixi Gold Luminosity Enhancing Oil is a fortifying oil with luminous effect. This oil is infused with coloidal gold, smells citrus like- probably because it has sweet orange peel oil as one of the ingredients.
This is a nourishing oil that will help revive and give skin a glow boost. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, this oil can leave a beaming glow on your skin and make your complexion look insanely radiant.
It can be used solo or mix 1-2 drops of oil into your moisturizer or foundation.
Top ingredients : soybean oil, meadowfoam seed oil, rice bran oil, macademia seed oil, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, rosehip oil, sweet orange peal oil, aloe vera leaf extract and vit. E.

Cleansers For Days, Because Clean Skin Is The New Sexy

Good healthy skin begins with clean skin, and probably this is why I am so obsessed with having so many cleansers. I realized that if I rotate my cleansers and use something else every 2 weeks, my skin looks so much better and I have less imperfections and problems with it.

 I can't believe that few years ago I used to remove my makeup with micellar water and a Nivea makeup remover and expected to have great skin. Little that I knew about how to properly clean my skin. In my defense I will say that I was young and careless.

Last year I tried a lot of products, including cleansers and I finally found some really good ones that made a change in the way my skin looks. Here are some of my favorites :

1. Caudalie Gentle Cleansing Milk for eyes and face with moisturizing sweet almond, jojoba oil and soothing cornflower.

The Body Shop Cactus Blossom Body Care Line - New And Trending

The Body Shop Cactus Blossom body care range is their newest limited edition to The Body Shop  skin care collection, and from 2 April the products are available to buy in stores across Benelux.

This new and super cute Cactus Blossom line is like an ode to the sunny days I so desperately want. This collection brings along lots summer vibes don't you think so? Everything in this line smells fresh, slightly floral and a bit fruity but not very sweet or overpowering, the scent is very light and delicate.

Pixi's SS19 Biggest Launch In Amsterdam - 80 New Beauty Products

Last week Pixi Beauty had a massive beauty launch at a temporary Pop -Up Store in Amsterdam, event hosted by Babassu Beauty

The temporary Pixi Pop-Up Store was located on De 9 Straatjes in Amsterdam and it looked all chic, feminine and very pretty, displaying a beautiful esthetic and the latest and most new Pixi beauty products.

The atmosphere was very inviting and the Babassu  personal was very friendly and helpful. You could look around, take photos, admire the place, spray your boyfriend in the eye with the Pixi Vitamin C Mist- like I did, cover yourself in oils, glitters, lotions and creams, get your makeup done and also eat cute Pixi cupcakes.

Shea Butter - Where It Comes From, How Is Made And How To Use In Skin Care

Considered a sacred tree, the Shea-Karite tree grows naturally in the wild of the dry Savannah belt of West Africa and this trees can live up to 300 years.  

The shea butter comes from the nuts found on the tree by removing the outer shell. The nuts are crushed by hand so they can be slowly roasted into shea butter. Once this has been done, the butter is kneaded by hand in a large basin of water to separate the oils also known as the fatty acids. These fatty acids are what provides the restorative properties making it one of the best options for skin care and more. To get the final product, the shea butter is removed off the top and cooled until it hardens.

25 years ago The Body Shop started to work with the Tungteiya Women's Association in Ghana and the shea butter was their first Community Trade ingredient.

The Body Shop choose to do amazing things like always and support female entrepreneurs through this Community Trade partnership and together we can empower these amazing women from Ghana that produce the shea butter and helps us #CareWithShea to be able to support their children's education. Don't you love when shea butter does more than just giving you very soft skin?

The Body Shop shea butter is 100% natural and vegan and this moisturizing multi-purpose butter can be used on the body, hair, face and lips. It has an amazing creamy and melting texture and if you wander how many nuts do you need to make 150 ml of shea butter the answer is 192 shea nuts.

My Favorite Vitamin C Skin Boosters And How To Use Vitamin C In Your Skin Care Routine

The antioxidant properties of vitamin C help fight free radicals and damage caused by UV radiation.

Vitamin C will boost your skin's collagen production to give you firmer, more plump skin and smooth fine lines and wrinkles out.

When added to your daily skin  care routine, vitamin C provides a range of benefits, from evening out your complexion, shielding skin from the visible impacts of pollution, significantly  helping and improving the hydration and leaving your skin looking younger, longer.

When looking for a suitable vitamin C product, finding the right concentration is really important. Also the way that the vitamin C is produced is a key factor in how efficient will work for your skin. 

Vitamin C can break down in UV light and lessens its potency, this is why is best to keep your vitamin C skin care in a dark environment.

Here are my vitamin C skin boosters :

Hylamide C25 is a concentrated Vitamin C serum for smoother, brighter skin. The formula is light, effective and easily absorbed. It can be used twice a day and it targets dullness, uneven tone, uneven texture and fine lines.Vegan, cruelty free, silicon free, oil-free, alcohol-free, silicone-free.

The Body Shop Nicaraguan Coffee Intense Awakening Mask

Did you know that coffee is amazing when used in skincare?

The scent of fresh coffee is very calming, uplifting and anti-depressant. The caffeic acids in coffee beans have anti-inflammatory properties and they help to reduce puffiness, boost collagen and promote healthy skin. Coffee is also a rich source of vit, B3 (niacin) and because it will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in your skin, it will help smooth wrinkles and fight those fine lines.

Have you ever used coffee in your skincare routine? If you didn't yet you should because The Body Shop made this absolutely amazing face mask with Nicaraguan coffee, shea and cocoa butter, 100% vegan. Just looks at this beautiful texture!