Red lips, smokey eyes and the party glow

My daily look is very casual and doesn't always involve a red lip, smoldering smokey eye or glitter and probably because I am too lazy but for occasions, events, Christmas and Instagram I am ready to make an effort and do a full face makeup with a bold red lip and a smokey eye.

This look is actually very simple to do; I have been using a bunch of makeup products from Sleek and I think it ended up really pretty. 

FACE: Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer

              Dior Star Foundation in 122 Camee

              Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly 

              NYX HD finishing powder

              Sleek contour kit in Light to sculpt my cheeks and contour my face
              essence Silky Touch Blush in 20 Babydoll
              MUA Undress your Skin Highlighting Powder in Pink Shimmer for a twinkly radiance :))

Best of beauty, makeup and skincare 2016

The winners are in ! Here are some of the best products I discovered this year and also some of my old time best favorites.

1.Best summer foundation: Guerlain Terracota Joli Teint
2.Best winter foundation: Dior Star
3.Best drugstore eye primer: Elf
4.Best highend eye primer: Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer

My most disappointing beauty products 2016

Last year I didn't have enough time to make a list of my most disappointing beauty products but this year the list of the products that truly disappointed me with their performance and quality is READY!!!!


........................I think I will start with the makeup brushes (from left to right )

Nudu Natural Beauty - luxurious, non toxic and cruelty free skincare

I recently discovered a new skincare brand with really amazing products, made in New Zealand with premium botanical ingredients, never ever tested on animals and without harmful or toxic ingredients. Isn't that great ?

Nudu products are made by a team of world-class experts, that are looking at every single ingredient for quality, effectiveness, and proven benefits to skin health and beauty.

I have received from Nudu, for a review purpose, several of their products : the natural beauty system for normal to dry skin (cream cleanser, reviving toner, gentle moisturizer) a konjac sponge and an eye cream. Before I will talk about these products I would like to mention that I am not selling any of these products, I am not affiliated with Nudu and I have not been compensated for my review.

Micellar Water Test- Garnier, Nivea & Ziaja

 Hello everyone,

because is such a hype to remove your make-up with micellar waters I thought I should test several and see what cleans best but first lets see what is this micellar water.

Micellar water takes its name from micelles, tiny round balls of cleansing molecules that float in the water. When you apply the product to your skin, the cleansing agents come into contact with oil and dirt on your face, allowing them to be swept away quickly and efficiently.

I chose 3 affordable micellar waters: 2 from drugstore and 1 pharmaceutical, all of them affordable and popular : GARNIER Skin Naturals Micellar Water for sensitive skin, NIVEA 3in1 Micellar Water for sensitive skin and Ziaja Spa Marine Algae Micellar Water for dry and normal skin 30 +

For the past year I have been using GARNIER on a daily base and I love this product because it works so good for my skin (dry and sensitive ) and it works amazing for lips and for the eye area without causing any irritation. I am happy I can buy it in this huge format of 400 ml because its a great product and I always use a tons of these micellar waters. The formula has no perfume and no parabens and very few ingredients: water mixed with glycerin and Hexylene Glycol.
Hexylene Glycol is a solvent and viscosity agent used in many skin care products that can create small irritation to certain skin types and skin conditions.

2016 Beauty Empties #2 FACE + NAILS feels like I didn't post for ages, actually is true: it has been a long times since my last post, about a month or even more. I have been really busy and away and it's kind of difficult to manage all my social media accounts if I am not at home.

I was gathering for some months all the empty packaging and always postponing this article but today is the day and here are the empty products (skincare and makeup ) that have been used to the last drop.

CLARINS Delectable Self Tanning Mousse with Mirabelle Oil

 Recently I've got a nice sample of tanning mousse from Clarins and because I prefer and really like sunless tan I decided to run a test with it and see how it develops, if it's really worth the money and if I should add it to the list of my favorite sunless tanning products.

CLARINS Delectable Self Tanning Mousse with Mirabelle Oil is suitable both for body and face and it has SPF 15 (avobenzone sunscreen ).

OLAY /OLAZ REGENERIST 3 Zone Facial Cleansing Brush

 Thanks to new and innovative beauty gadgets we can achieve healthy, super clean, soft and radiant skin without going to often to a skin specialist or a beauty salon. First and most important step for beautiful, stunning skin is the cleansing process, because beautiful skin requires commitment not layers and layers on makeup or Instagram filters. I hope you all agree on this !

 After I was reading a review ,made by a beauty editor at Cosmopolitan, for OLAY REGENERIST 3 Zone Facial Cleansing Brush, I decided to buy and try on this beauty device to see if something like this really makes a difference in my skin appearance and texture. I am a little bit late to this brush cleansing game, but better later than never :)

10 Favorite Drugstore Beauty Products under 10

I was planning for a long time to make a list with some of my favorite drugstore gems, beauty products and makeup.
Every year I try to hunt for affordable, magical beauty products that work out just as good as something more expensive. It was really difficult to chose my favorite 10 products that will not break the bank, but I think that in the end I made a really nice and wise selection.
Even the most famous make up artists are using some of these drugstore gems, and to me it really makes sense, because you can save money and still use amazing beauty and makeup products without giving up on good quality.

1.Milani Baked Blush,  these blushes have just the right amount of shimmer to give a soft glow to the cheeks. Milani Blush In Berry Amore is rose-berry shade that looks great on most complexions. Milani Luminoso is a warm gorgeous peachy-orange that reminds me of Chanel Caresse. Price 7-10 euro.

Weekend in Paris - art, gardens and cats

Few weeks ago I decided to make a little trip to Paris and it wasn't for romance but more for museums, to seek inspiration, find some artistic resources.

The French capital is full of amazing art galleries, beautiful sculpture gardens and lots of other hidden places, much more interesting things to see than the Eiffel tower or the Champs Elysees boulevard, known for the luxurious shops, for the fancy cafes and for its theaters.

Ziaja - Natural based cosmetics developed under medical and pharmaceutical expertise

 Few months ago a Polish friend of mine told me about some amazing skin care products and introduced me to Ziaja. My blog post today is about how I discovered a range of quality skin care products, cruelty free, based on plants and developed by Polish pharmacists and chemists.

 I was quite intrigued and curious when I've heard that some of their products even received awards, before I made my first order I had to know more about their products to be able to choose the perfect creams and lotions that will suit my skin needs.

 As a client and as a beautician I am really happy to find a cosmetic company concerned about the health of their clients and in the same time a company that is environmentally aware (they have an empty packaging recycling process and they never test on animals).
For me Ziaja means modern beauty, safe skin care (the products are tested at the Medical Academy and in dermato-clinics from Poland), quality skin care products produced with a modern technology, amazing active ingredients and affordable prices. 

 I was pleasantly surprised and really happy that I was allowed to choose 3 products from Ziaja NL  to try out and test for my blog and for you, my readers!

 I really wanted to tell you a little bit about the company and show you why I decided to use and trust their products, just in case someone might think that I received 3 free products and I will try to talk you in to buying them. I am writing about these products on my blog just to share my experience with  the products and with Ziaja as a company so if you are interested in what I  have to say please read on. :) 

Here are the three skin care products I chose to test for you, but for me as well! :)

Ziaja Rose Butter micro-peeling and the importance of exfoliation

You may be cleansing, using the most expensive cosmetics, layering sunscreen but if you are not exfoliating regularly, your skin will look dull, dry, lifeless and with clogged pores. 
 The best type of exfoliation depends on your complexion and the condition and sensitivity of your skin. If you want healthy, glowing skin, regular exfoliation must be a part of your weekly skin care routine. Did you know that your skin can shed 30.000-40.000 dead cells per minute naturally ? How does that sound to you ?

I exfoliate my skin 2 times a week with Ziaja Rose Butter micro -peeling scrub cream and since the very first use my skin feels so smooth and soft.

Ziaja Rose Butter micro -peeling is designed for dry and sensitive skin,allergy and dermatological tested. This product is also a delicate cleanser that smells like fresh roses and it has smooth round micro granules that cant create any micro injuries to the skin. 

2016 Beauty Empties # 1 FACE

So, it's been a while again since I have done the last post about beauty empties. Yes, I know I have been lazy :)) 
 Most of the finished products are from the skin care range and some of these products were featured in the past, in the 2015" Beauty Empties" articles where you can also see what I love the most and what are my favorites- when it comes to skin care, hair care or makeup.

 This post will only feature products (skin care and makeup ) for face and here are the 18 empty products and some impressions about each of them.

1.Avene Thermal Spring Water, 300 ml and 150 ml. Probably my favorite thermal spring water from all the famous ones.
2.2X Diadermine Makeup Remover Milk for sensitive skin, 200 ml
3.Garnier  Micellaire Water for sensitive skin, 400 ml
4.2X etos eyes and lips make-up remover  (the old packaging ) 125 ml  
 I mentioned before all of these products for my make-up removing process, they have been present in all my beauty empties post.

YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils

I really love volume and length on my lashes, not just length because long skinny lashes look really wired in my opinion. 
YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils (black ) claims high volume and a dramatic false lash effect. Let's see how it does this job !

Metallic Silver Eyes with MAC Cool Neutrals & Sleek Bad Girl

Last fall there was a return of metallics for eyes but also for cheeks and lips, something that was really cool to wear in the 90's and I kind of liked this makeup trend.

If you have a fair or a light skin complexion you can look up for bronze and charcoal metallics, because darker shades on lighter skin will pop out and make a nice and attractive contrast.
Light silver or golds are best for people with medium to dark skin tones.
My skin is more on the medium side and I did a bronzed metallic look some time ago and I thought I should try out some silver this time. I am really happy how it turned out and I think it looks  nice with my brown eyes and my early tan skin. I hope you will like this look also.

 Like usual, I will list below all the products used, for everyone who asked on my Instragram about what lipstick I wear and what pigments I used and stuff like that.

Fashion and Flowers at Keukenhof

Few days ago I  have been at the most amazing and beautiful orchid show from Europe that took place between 24 March and 16 May in the Beatrix Pavilion of Keukenhof, in Holland. 

It was breath -taking and impressive ! Gorgeous orchids and beautiful anthuriums everywhere, orchid crafted dresses, designer shoes and hats. I did not know where to look first, it was overwhelming.

From works of art to simple floral window displays, the entire event is an explosion of color, positive vibration and a magnificent inspiration. Sadly I have not done as many photos as I wanted because it was very busy and I was just hypnotized by the entire atmosphere. 

Codage Paris N.03 Radiance & Energy Serum, Perfect French Skin Care Luxury

Codage N.03 Radiance & Energy Serum is the 3-rd serum from a lovely skin care collection of 11 serums, made in France by CODAGE, expensive luxury line of skincare. Seven of these serums are special formulated to target specific skin issues such as dryness, age spots, acne, redness, shine and imperfections.

Codage N.03 Radiance & Energy Serum is a genuine elixir of cellular replenishment, especially formulated to detoxify and restore brightness to dull, tired skin.

Formulated using the brand's French pharmacy expertise, the powerful blend of ingredients help to prevent further signs of ageing and brighten the complexion.

Naked 3 Soft Rose Makeup Look

I was planning for a long time to  make a new look with my Naked 3 palette, and finally  there were some sunny days (partly sunny ) and I could take decent photos. If you like natural looks, fresh and simple but with a little bit of something you will love this makeup also. I find it a little bit dolly but feminine and different than just the usual Instagram cut crease eye sharp shadow technique that is so viral and not very attractive (in my opinion).
This look is really easy to do, easy to wear and almost perfect for any shape of eye and it will suit perfect brown and green eyes, but also some shades of blue :), so just try it on!

 Story of my life, I took 1000 pictures (not really but lots and lots ) and only a few were good :)).... not even 5 of them ! Here are some of the pictures and also the list of products used, along with the Naked 3 eye shadow palette.

Elizabeth Arden INTERVENE Daily Fluid and Hydra-Splash Toner

Recently I discovered some new skin care products and I have added them to my skin care regimen. Elizabeth Arden INTERVENE Daily Moisture Lotion and Elizabeth Arden Hydra-Splash Toner are two of my new skin care gems and I am really happy I got to try them out.

Elizabeth Arden Hydra-Splash Toner (200 ml ) is probably one of the best toners I have ever put on my face. This toner is alcohol free and it was designed for normal/ dry skin but also suitable for sensitive skin.

Drugstore Makeup Look

Because not everyone has money to splurge on Tom Ford makeup or on any other expensive, de luxe makeup items, I thought I should put together some of my favorite drugstore products and create a simple look, something for every day but still gorgeous. From experience I know that sometimes you can find really nice drugstore products that work just as good as more expensive products or they can be even better.
I don't want to make this post very long and I am just going to list out some of my favorite makeup from drugstore and add few pictures of the look I created.
 So,here we go !

 I think this fresh look amplifies my natural beauty, makes me look younger and flawless. What do you think ?

2015 -2016 Beauty Empties #5 (hair )

.......More from the beauty empties project, this time from the hair style and care department. Like I said in my previous post, some of these products I finished in 2015 and some at the beginning of 2016. I had to mention this because someone of Instagram asked me when did I finished all of these.

So, this is what I have used for my hair in the past months !

1. Wellaflex Hairspray for Volume, 400 ml.

All About Facial Massage

Like the rest of your body, your face has many muscles, and like your shoulders or back, it gets tight and holds on to stress.

As we age, our skin loses the ability to replenish lost cells, which results in sagging skin and wrinkles. While a set of anti-ageing moisturizers is a good place to start when you notice the first signs of fine lines, a facial massage will really get your skin back to it's beautiful best.

So here are the facial muscles... of topic but very helpful, right under the Zygomaticus muscle you apply blush /contour products. There is the correct place to put your blush.
A massage stimulates the muscles and lymphatic system. Every area of the body responds to facial massage. We have 300 pressure points on the face, which relate to every part of the body, so when you have a good face massage you impact every organ. It makes the face glow and takes the tiredness and sluggishness away.

In other words a facial massage is like coffee for the skin. Most of us do the facial massage wrong, with circular motions.

Massaging your face in circular motions only drags at the skin without working the muscles at all. Your facial muscles are actually arranged diagonally in line with your cheekbones (see the imagine above), so long, diagonal strokes upwards will engage with them and tighten up skin.

Thought you had to massage the neck upwards? Wrong, it's actually downwards to get rid of excess fluid being held there....... To my surprise a lot of trained personal from spa and beauty salons does all these things wrong. I am going to explain a little bit how it works and what are the benefits, how to do it by yourself at home and why you should implement facial massage in your skin care routine, starting with today .

2015 -2016 Beauty Empties #4 ( body )

Some of these empties are finished in 2015 and just a small part in 2016. I had again few plastic bags full of empty junk ; and here is just the body section. Let's see what I have been loving and what did not worked out so great for me.

1. Kneipp Almond-Argan Shower 0il, 200 ml. Such a luxurious spa every time with everything from Kneipp. Soap-free, paraben -free, 70% natural ingredients, without mineral oil and so gentle with my dry skin. It smells delicious, leaves skin clean, smooth and soft. In my opinion Kneipp has the best bath products, similar to Rituals but more affordable and for shower I do prefer Kneipp over Rituals. I won't let go this product and I will always repurchase it.

2. Kneipp Sugar Body Scrub, Argan Oil and Fig, 200ml. Probably my favorite scrub, it smells amazing and leaves the skin super soft and with a special glow. Great product with very good ingredients. Loved it and I will repurchase it.

Red Carpet Beauty Look

Red lipstick is often the best choice and also the association for strong, successful, stylish and glamorous woman.

 With red lips you can go bold, you can go retro glam, girly, vampy, edgy, classic and never boring or wrong.
 Using a couple of products, I have made this really easy and pretty Red Carpet Look, also perfect for a hot and romantic date on Valentines Day.

5 Favorite Face Masks

Face masks are one of my favorite skin care products and they are the perfect treatments to help you with your skin problems and concerns. The right face masks can help remove excess of oils, improve and detoxify your pores, hydrate the skin. They are also an excellent way of removing skin impurities, relaxing, give  healthy glow to the skin and a wonderful feeling of being pampered.
Everyone should introduce facial masks to their skin care routine, both men and women can benefit and improve their skin condition from using a facial mask.

 By using facial masks on a regular base, you can ensure that your other skin care products (lotions, serums, nighttime creams ) will be absorbed by your skin quicker and deeper and your skin will be more toned, more hydrated and protected. 
 Just one type of mask is not enough, because skin is never the same and it would be great if you have more than a basic clay mask. 

I’ve put together this convenient list of 5 face masks and some tips that will help you soak in all the benefits a face mask can offer.

 Here are 5 of my favorite facial masks.

Catrice Sexy Duo - plum nail polish & lipstick

Plum is one of my favorite colors.
Plum is classic with a modern twist, royal, elegant and in the same time dramatic.

Enough reasons for me to buy two new Catrice products in plum : 95 For Some it's Plum nail polish and 420 Plum Fiction Ultimate Colour Lipstick.

This shade of plum has a lot of magenta in it, more than purple, but I love it! Cool and warm in the same time and so vibrant !

Review Sephora Fiber Masks - Rose and Pomegranate

I realized that I don't go to Paris for the romance or the croissants; not anymore. I go to Paris for Sephora and after that comes the rest...  :) Who needs romance? I only need everything that Sephora sells!

One of my Sephora favorites are the cloth (fiber) facial masks and above all the Rose mask and the Pomegranate mask.  I have no idea if these are limited or you can get them at any time, I hope they are not in limited edition because I find them quite amazing. This is a line of natural fiber sheet masks, easy to use and with a lot of skin benefits.The mask is made out of fiber (cloth) and it goes perfectly on the facial contours.The fiber sheet is infused with active ingredients (rose extract,green tea extract, pearl, ginseng etc) that penetrate and relax skin. These masks are dermatological tested and quick and easy to use, no rinse after.

3 Chic,Romantic and Sexy Hair & Makeup Ideas to try for Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is a fun reason to get all dolled up, again.
Without looking tacky, here are some chic, refined but still flirty and sexy looks for the most romantic day of the year, easy to wear and easy to do. 

1.Chic and playful

2015 Beauty Empties #3 ( face )

1. OLAZ essentials complete day cream for sensitive skin,30 ml is a non expensive
daily facial moisturizer that has been specially designed to protect your skin .It has a soft , non-oily texture that gets absorbed fast and makes an excellent makeup base for dry and sensitive skin.

Dermatologist tested, fragrance free formula, non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), 100% oil free and 100% PABA free. Rich in vitamin-mineral complex and antioxidants to nourish and protect your skin. (Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, Pro-vitamin B5). Protects with SPF 15 & anti-oxidant vitamin E to help prevent premature skin damage. It has calming properties because of chamomile and aloe vera. Provides long lasting hydration and helps promote and maintain healthy looking skin.

This is my daily moisturizer for the past 10 years, non expensive, light and moisturizer for summer, calming and gets along with any type of foundation. Probably the best drugstore moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin and just for 10 euro. I will always repurchase.

Lookfantastic Beauty Box December 2015 Edition

Here is the last beauty box from the lookfantastic Christmas Collection 2015, the December Edition beauty box. This beauty box had such a perfect content, just like the boxes for November and October. I have to say, one more time, that the Christmas Collection 2015 was amazing. I found inside these beauty boxes the perfect facial items, luxurious skincare, special beauty tools and makeup products and of course the joy of a gift. 

What's in the December lookfantastic beauty box..........