Elizabeth Arden INTERVENE Daily Fluid and Hydra-Splash Toner

Recently I discovered some new skin care products and I have added them to my skin care regimen. Elizabeth Arden INTERVENE Daily Moisture Lotion and Elizabeth Arden Hydra-Splash Toner are two of my new skin care gems and I am really happy I got to try them out.

Elizabeth Arden Hydra-Splash Toner (200 ml ) is probably one of the best toners I have ever put on my face. This toner is alcohol free and it was designed for normal/ dry skin but also suitable for sensitive skin.
 I have dry and sensitive skin, prone to eczema and this toner is so soothing and calming for my skin condition. I use it prior to my moisturizer, on clean skin and it gives a refreshing, and soft feeling without being sticky. Hydra-Splash is such a perfect name for this toner, a wave of water enriched with delicate Chamomile flower and leaf extract but also Witch Hazel extract and Jojoba esters. Witch Hazel is a natural astringent that helps with skin irritation, it helps to neutralize dermatitis as it has this anti itch power and it helps to fade blemishes. I kinda need all of these benefits!

And because perfection doesn't exist, there is a thing that I don't like about this product: the huge bottle's opening /hole that tends to make me waste quite a bit of this amazing product.

I hope this product doesn't get discontinued because I really love it for my skin and since I used it I got my natural glow back and my skin is more balanced.

 Elizabeth Arden INTERVENE Daily Moisture Lotion (50 ml )

This is a lightweight, oil free moisturizing lotion that comes in a fancy frosted glass jar with a screw-top lid (same type of lid that I have at the Hydra-Splash toner). This fluid has SPF 15 UVA/UVB sunscreen (oxibenzone ) and antioxidants like vitamin C and E to protect skin from sun and pollution while and advanced hydrating system  helps skin become soft, smooth and healthy looking. The lotion is also powered by AHA/BHA that will refine fine lines and wrinkles, exfoliate and clarify pores and retexture skin.

 Elizabeth Arden INTERVENE Daily Moisture Lotion is suitable for sensitive skin, clinically and dermatologist tested. My experience with this cream lotion was pleasant because it absorbs quickly into skin and doesn't  leave a sticky feeling or any kind of residues.

After application, my skin feels super soft, hydrated but mostly free because of the feather lightweight texture. There were no pore clogging problems and I think it is an excellent makeup base as well.

My only disappointment with both of my Elizabeth Arden products is related to the packaging !!!!! I really wished that the daily moisture lotion was in a pump bottle or in a squeeze tube because I ALWAYS ALWAYS have to hit the bottle upside down against my palm to get the product out and it always comes out more than I need.

Frustrating, annoying application and this should not exist while using such a good product. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who thinks that these products need a better packaging.

 So, if you feel me and you think something needs to be changed speak out and maybe who knows we can improve the things we pay for. This is why we make reviews, right  ?

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