Here comes the beautiful bride!

Getting married this summer? Or maybe one of your best girlfriends will? Here are some bridal beauty tips for you if you are not planning to hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding.

The first thing I would say about your wedding makeup is don’t be afraid to try a few looks before you've decided on what you would like to do/wear and be sure to leave enough time to do this.
Wedding makeup is about looking like yourself at your most beautiful and being radiant, and is not about wearing heavy false eyelashes and deep smokey eyes.

How I Protect My Dyed Hair

I've got beautiful, color-full hair and I want to keep it that way.I am sure nobody want
their money to wash down the drain right along with the freshly done, beautiful hair color.
The latest research shows as much as 80 percent of color fade is caused by water alone, not shampooing, that means color's worst enemy is water.
I dye my hair for more than 15 years, from black to brown and from brown to red, have not been blond ... yet!! From my experience with colored hair I know it needs special care and protection. I love to have a vibrant color and in the same time a shiny bouncy hair that brings me a lot of compliments. Recently I've been asked what is my hair care routine and what products I use to style my hair, so I thought would be a nice idea to make a post and share some of my beauty tips with you and of course maybe some of you would love to share their secrets back with me. 

This is how I take care of my colored /dye hair without breaking the bank.
First of all the state of my/your hair is an indication of your general state of health. Make sure you drink plenty of water and fruit juices, and keep hydrated. Your whole body will appreciate it, and you will find the effect reflected in your hair and skin. And if your hair is better hydrated, the color will last longer. 

Review : Express Dry Drops from Essence

Life is too short to wait for my nail-polish to dry!
I love to do my manicure but I just hate to wait for the nail-polish to get completely dry and by the time it's dry I already ruin the surface of my nails. This week I found a super innovative product and not expensive at all. Bye-bye to smudging and wrinkling nail-polish!