Review & swatch: Femme, NYX Round Lipstick

And because every summer I go  through a lipstick phase that is almost never ending :))) I got myself 3 NYX Round Lipsticks: Femme,Tea Rose and Eros. All three have a satin semi-matte finish and most important of they are paraben free, cruelty free,and hypoallergenic. NYX Round Lipstick is NYX's best selling lipstick and one ifs top-sellers. 

So far I only had time to try Femme and Tea Rose, and because Femme is perfect Spring/Summer color bright lip trend I will show you some pictures and give some info about it, maybe you will find them useful in case you want to buy this lip-color.

Femme is very similar to MAC's Satin  Toxic Tale, but a little bit more orange. It's a pink-coral, but it has a strong orange red tone to it, more like a vivid red and it looks much different on the lips than it looks in the tube.Very bright and eye catching, but you can basically wear it with anything because is not neon and is not electrical. Color might look different from a person to another because of skin tone and hair color also.


The texture is creamy, it has a satin semi- matte finish but the smell and taste are a little bit chemical and bleahh, so just avoid licking your lips. Quite highly pigmented, one swipe is enough to cover the lips opaquely. Without a liner to fill in your lips, you might experience that the color will sweep in to the corners of your mouth and run in to the skin and that will look horrid. It does manage to stay on my lips for 2 hours without drinking and eating, but so far none of my NYX lipsticks can't stay on for longer than that, have to say that Tea Rose stays even less than 2 hours. It does dry out lips and to wear such a bright color you really need to have perfect soft smooth lips, other way it will  just look bad. This type of color looks best on sun kissed skin.
The relationship I have with this lipstick is at the border of love and hate, it is quite complex and I don't even know how to rate it. I just can't decide myself if I should rate it with 4 stars or with 3, I guess will be rated with 3 because of the smell (it bothers me ) and because it drys out my lips way to much.

As soon as possible I will work on a post about Tea Rose and Eros .

Do you own any NYX round lipsticks you'd recommend?

This is not a sponsored post and none of these products were gifted to me. All opinions are my own and I genuinely like and use these products.


  1. If they dry out lips, they're not for me. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. So far only the very bright ones dry my lips, Tea Rose is fine

  2. Hmhmhm Beautiful girl. I like the red lips. I am Indonesian Blogger

  3. Oh, I was just looking for a red lipstick and after I've seen your post I decided to try NYX.

  4. This sounds lovely and this shade fits you perfectly! I need to take a look NYX products next time I'm In Douglas x

    Pink Frenzy

    1. They got a little bit more expensive at Douglas now, maybe you can find a better price somewhere online.Thanks so much,beauty.kisses!