The Body Shop Youth Concentrate Sheet Mask 100%Vegan and fully Biodegradable

Sheet  face masks originated from South Korea where people are known for their dedication on cosmetics and skincare.

Only last year the sale of sheet masks increased about 60 %, overwhelming the sale of other skin care products. Unfortunately when we use sheet masks we have a left over waste and that's not very good for the environment, unless you are using eco-friendly options and fully biodegradable sheets face masks, like The Body Shop Youth Concentrate Sheet Mask, which is a really new addition to the Drops of Youth skincare line.

The Body Shop Youth Concentrate Sheet Mask is made of a cellulose fiber derived from renewable sourced wood pulp and is fully biodegradable.You can trow it in your compost bin and it will take around 42 days to disintegrate. Good for your skin but also good for the planet ! How cool is that ? This makes it instantly my favourite sheet mask!

The mask is coming in fit all size shape, and in this creepy selfie you can see how it fits me. I apparently have quite a big nose and the mask did not cover it all :))

The sheet is fully soaked with concentrated serum and infused with 3 types of plant stem cells: Edelwisse from the Italian Alps, Sea Holly and Criste Marine from the Brittany Coast. 

Will plant stems cells transform into human stem cells ? Definitely not because that's not what plant stem cells do, they will provide antioxidants to your skin to fight free radicals before they will make a number on your skin and give you wrinkles and dark spots. In other words they will nourish, protect and restore your skin cells and help you maintain a youthful appearance for a longer time.

The mask will drench your skin in deep hydration, my skin looked more firm after  1 application  and also more supple, and it blessed me with a beautiful glow. This is a perfect sheet mask to use after sun exposure, when you skin suffers from dullness and stress  or after a long flight.

The concentrated serum in the sheet mask will provide you lots of skin care benefits and an instant beauty boost while the fiber layer of the sheet mask will ensure that all the serum doesn't evaporate from your skin but sink in and gets absorbed.You can also use a crystal (rose or jade ) face roller to push even more all the concentrated essence from the fiber mask in your skin. I've done that and the results are even better because your also giving  a gentle skin massage to your face, stimulating your blood circulation.

After 20 minutes of having this mask on my face, my skin felt looked insanely soft, plumped, more healthy (calms redness ) and intensely hydrated.

This product is not only biodegradable but also 100% vegan and cruelty free. 

How often do you treat yourself to a facial mask ?
What is your favourite sheet mask ?

**********This product is a free gift offered to me by THE BODY SHOP NL

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