Nudu Natural Beauty - luxurious, non toxic and cruelty free skincare

I recently discovered a new skincare brand with really amazing products, made in New Zealand with premium botanical ingredients, never ever tested on animals and without harmful or toxic ingredients. Isn't that great ?

Nudu products are made by a team of world-class experts, that are looking at every single ingredient for quality, effectiveness, and proven benefits to skin health and beauty.

I have received from Nudu, for a review purpose, several of their products : the natural beauty system for normal to dry skin (cream cleanser, reviving toner, gentle moisturizer) a konjac sponge and an eye cream. Before I will talk about these products I would like to mention that I am not selling any of these products, I am not affiliated with Nudu and I have not been compensated for my review.

Nudu products are full of many natural ingredients chosen for their proven skin benefits. For example: plant oils selected for exceptional omega fatty acid content to moisturize skin; fruit extracts packed with antioxidants; and premium botanicals that help skin appear calm, soothed and smooth.

Nudu products are safe and do not contain nasty ingredients. No parabens, no SLS, no SLES, no benzyl alcohol, no phenoxyethanol, no nanoparticles, no peroxides, no PEG, no harsh preservatives, no silicon, no synthetic perfumes, and no artificial colors in any of our products.
For our protection, Nudu products contain a small amount of Ecocert-approved preservative to prevent bacteria and mold growth. The preservative names are sodium benzoate (in most Nudu products) and potassium sorbate (added when there is high water content, e.g. toner). The carefully selected tubes, caps, and airless bottles reduce exposure to air, fingers and other sources of contamination – this means Nudu can keep preservative to a minimum.

Nudu Natural Beauty System for normal to dry skin has 3 items: a cream cleanser to clean and purify, a reviving toner to balance and a gentle moisturizer with anti-aging benefits.
1.Nudu Cream Cleanser (all skin types) was developed to remove makeup and impurities while relaxing in the same time. This cream cleanser has a lovely melt in texture, probably soap free and its completely non foaming. The product is enriched with peach, almond and jojoba oils that will soften skin; hyaluronic acid, enzyms and fruits extracts of pineapple , papaya and pomegranate with anti -aging benefits.

This cleanser  has not been developed to remove the eye makeup, its better to avoid contact with eyes and use only an eye makeup remover that is ophthalmologist approved. Also in case you used a thick layer of foundation you should use first a milk removing makeup and use the cream cleanser afterwords for the best results.

For me, using this cleanser was a real spa moment, a very nice experience that left me with a soft clean skin, never dry or tight. Despite the fact that my skin is prone to eczema I had no skin irritation or redness after using this cream cleanser.
Nudu cream cleanser its really easy to use; you gently massage the cleanser onto face, neck and decolletage and rinse it well with lukewarm water and after that you follow with Nudu reviving toner.

2.Nudu Reviving Toner (all skin types) its a blend of water, glycerine, Manuka honey,
pohutukawa, harakeke and kawa kawa, aloe vera and witch hazel. Because of this magic blend of ingredients, this toner will help skin heal faster, stay soft and look healthy. 
Every time I used this toner my skin was looking glowy, was feeling more elastic and soft than before. I simply adore this product, and everything about it is so flawless; the packaging is great as you can never spill too much.
Just like the cream cleanser, this toner has a luxurious formula, it has a divine relaxing scent and just like the cream cleanser this product is not designed for the eye area.

3.Nudu Gentle Moisturizer (normal skin). This moisturizer is an anti-ageing cream, with an amazing non -greasy formula that allows a flawless application of foundation.
Nudu Gentle Moisturizer is very luxurious just like the rest of the Nudu products I have been using so far and its has a special blend of softening peach, kernel, camellia and kiwi seed oils that will protect and nourish the skin. The product is enriched with powerful antioxidants from green coffee and white tea, hyaluronic acid, sesame protein and marine collagen.

This product has no SPF and it can be used in the morning and in the evening also. 
After I used this moisturizer for several days my skin was never feeling tight or dry but only soft and beautiful. I would definitely recommend to anyone with normal to dry or dull complexion.

Additional to this 3 steps beauty system, Nudu sent me my very first konjac sponge and a Nudu Eye Cream that they just launched.

Nudu Cleansing & Exfoliating Sponge is a white konjac sponge, made from 100% organic konjac root. Organic ingredients are those grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, which is healthier for the planet and healthier for our bodies.

This is my very first konjac sponge and the cleansing experience was completely different than what I ever imagined. I was afraid this kind of sponge might be too harsh for my sensitive skin, but I was wrong because this sponge is suitable for sensitive skin. Using this sponge was such a special and pleasant and experience and I quite addicted to it right now

On the first use I had to soak the sponge in warm water for about 2 minutes when it fully expands and feels soft. After this I pressed it between my palms to dispel the excess of water and it was ready to use. I gently massaged the sponge, with a drop of cleanser, over my face and neck and it felt so niceeeee!
It's not necessary to use the sponge every time you clean your face, I think is best to use it every 3 days. One of these sponges lasts for about 3 months and after that for health reasons is better to discard and use a new one. After every use rinse well and hang in a cool place to dry.

Nudu Eye Cream (all skin types) it's an anti-aging product designed to nourish and protect the most delicate skin. Just like the rest of the Nudu anti-aging products this eye cream is a wonderful blend of camellia seed oil, safflower oil, glycerine, blackcurrant oil, jojoba oil, kiwi seed oil, chamomile and cucumber extracts, hyaluronic acid.

Because of this eye cream I have to say good bye to the moments of laying on my couch with cucumber slices on my eyes, there is no need for something like that anymore.

This product is fragrance free, it has a light non greasy texture and absorbs quickly in the skin.
The eye cream has helped the dryness around my eyes, my skin is so much more elastic, bright and smooth. I don't think this eye cream will erase your wrinkles but for sure it will calm, nourish your skin and prevent new wrinkles to form. I don't have any puffiness or severe dark circles under my eyes and for this reasons I can't say if the product helps with these issues.
Regarding my makeup, since I use this eye cream my concealer looks amazing, it goes on so smooth and it never creases or sets in my fine lines. If you haven't found yet an eye cream that makes your concealer look amazing just try this one!

I am curious about something ... how many of you read the ingredient list before buying a beauty product and how many of you use cruelty free products?


  1. The range sound beautiful! I'm most excited about the eye treatment :)


    1. I have the feeling these products will be soon available on shops like beautybay.Everything I've tried from them was amazing, even the packaging had no flaws.

  2. Sounds like a great lien of products. :)
    Have a great weekend!
    Xoxo, Victoria

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