My most disappointing beauty products 2016

Last year I didn't have enough time to make a list of my most disappointing beauty products but this year the list of the products that truly disappointed me with their performance and quality is READY!!!!


........................I think I will start with the makeup brushes (from left to right )

 1.ebelin concealer brush is too big to be a concealer brush and too stiff and hard to be a foundation brush. Almost impossible to use, very difficult to clean and rinse.

2.ZOEVA 229/eye finish brush has very harsh and stiff bristles. This brush is designed for the eyelid area but even the softest stroke with this brush gives pain and makes the skin red and irritated.... I supposed it was made from porcupine hairs ?
3.ZOEVA 109/ face paint vegan brush is a flat, squared makeup brush which is ideal for facial contouring, unfortunately this brush is way to flat and it will only leave a very sharp contour line. Both ZOEVA brushes were a complete waste of money :( ... too much hype over these brushes, there are probably just a few really soft.

4.H&M foundation buffing brush. You might think someone was eating the bristles, but no that is not what happened. I washed the brush 2 times and used it probably 3 or 4 times and it got completely fucked and deformed, my a tempt to fix it and glue the bristles back was an epic fail.

Another big disappointment was this Morphe 9B Blushes palette. Indeed it looks pretty and the colors are pigmented, but these are probably the most cheap quality blushes I ever had. I find it really difficult to blend it out or to defuse the color, to create a subtle look with any of these blushes. Even with the softest brush all I got was a stain of intense uneven color. As you can see I barely used it. I almost forgot to mention that this is not as buttery and creamy as everyone say, not even close !

CATRICE Prime and Fine mattifying and long lasting primer is just a simple moisturizer and not a very good primer, actually not a primer at all in my opinion. Regarding pores and the matte effect, it doesn't do anything. 

RIMMEL LONDON MATCHING perfection foundation is BIG NO. As you can see I have not used much of this foundation. I just don't like how it looks on my skin, it fades away really fast and it makes my skin looks really dull, also I think it looks too yellow on most of the people with fair skin. 

Estee Lauder Take it Away makeup remover lotion is designed to clean efficient but gently all makeup traces even the stubborn ones. Well, I did not find it efficient at all and I think is rather harsh than gentle with skin. It made me break out really bad after the very first use. 
This was the worst make up remover I have ever used. I got this as gift with purchase and I won't ever buy it.

Caudalie Soleil Divin Gradual Self tanning cream it has a nice texture but the color develops too intense, not gradual at all and the most annoying part is that the tan I got was quite orange and uneven. Not a very good tanning product !

 Loreal  Magic Retouch Dark Brown spray, yes it does a great job at covering the grey hairs for a day or too until you will wash your hair, but this is more black than dark brown and it kinda looks fake but that is not even the real issue. The real issue here was that after several application my hair start falling out and my scalp was really irritated, dry and itchy. The moment I stopped using this spray everything went back to normal, no more scalp problems and my hair simply stopped falling. I have to say that my experience with this product was really unpleasant.

Ole HENRIKSEN empower foaming milk cleanser. I got a travel size sample in one of the beauty boxes from look fantastic and I was really excited to try it out.
This is one of the luxurious products with amazing reviews all over internet but unfortunately this product did not work out for me. It smells amazing, it has a beautiful milky texture but it's too scented, it dried up my skin and made it really sensitive and red. 

Maybelline Terre Indienne Bricks Bronzer, the product is separated into bronzer and the highlighter bricks. The bronzer is a warm toned brown, with a slightly orange undertone, and the other part is a mix of a pink and golden highlighter. It seems like a nice product but its not, I did not liked the texture or the pigmentation and on skin it ends up looking way too orange. Somehow the highlighter bricks  have a much better texture than the bronzer itself, really soft and buttery and also quite pigmented.

essence xxxl shine lipgloss 24 just georgeous
essence xxxl shine lipgloss 25 bright side of life 
Both products have a very sticky texture and they simply run off the lips. They might come in lots of bright colors but the color fades away the moment you put the lipgloss on your lips. Everything written on the packaging gets on your hands - you can probably see in the photo above , there is no more text on the packaging. Not a fan of these glosses !

essence xxxl longlasting lipgloss  matt effect 05 velvet rose 
.....And of course the matte version is not any better! This simply looks horrific on lips because of the texture and it doesn't last longer than 5 minutes. This must be probably the worst product I ever bought from essence.

NYX butter gloss in Tiramisu; there was barely any product inside!!!! it looks really pretty in the tube, a perfect nude shade but unfortunately it fades away really fast and on lips it looks really dull and boring.
RIMMEL London Moisture Renew Lipstick 130 Oxford St. Fuchsia smells really bad, has a terrible texture, not creamy at all, not moisturizing at all. The most terrible lipstick I ever had! 

essence easy 2 use jumbo eyeliner pen is by far the WORST eyeliner pen I have ever had ! It smudges off easily and it barely has any pigmentation. It' s also impossible to make a line with it if you are already wearing eyeshadow .


  1. I'm sorry to hear about all your beauty disappointments, such is life, not all the beauty products that we buy and use are good. Thanks for sharing, it's useful to know not to purchase these products in the future.

    Enjoy your Sunday!
    Xoxo, Victoria