My Favorite Winter Perfumes

I recently updated my perfume collection and thought to share with you my Winter favorites. For the cold season I love a heavy, spicy and warm scent, something dense and decadent.

Boucheron Pour Femme Eau de Parfum is a brilliant, sensual, floral and Oriental fragrance that opens with sparkling fruit notes while its soft signature is filled with a voluptuous bouquet of white flowers. This perfume is a classic, very rich and old school, mostly for special occasions, but that never stopped me to wear it whenever I wanted. I would not describe it spicy, warm, powdery and animalic in a sensual way. It has an amazing silage (very heavy ) and on me and it lasts the entire day, sometimes even after shower if I used too much. 
 Notes: Top: orange blossom, mandarin. Middle: jasmine, ylang-ylang, tuberose. Base: amber, vanilla.
This perfume is not for everyone, is daring and very dramatic, comes from a different era and you need to smell it with your brain to understand its complexity, its so much more behind those few notes mentioned. 

This perfume demands a certain attitude and a certain glamour, you can't just spray it on and wear it with jeans and a simple white t-shirt. Too dramatic to wear it every day but quite amazing !

Lalique Le Parfume by Lalique is another fabulous Orientel perfume.
Notes: Top: west indian bay, bergamot and pink peper. Middle: jasmine, heliotrope, almond.Base: sandalwood, tonka bean, patchouli and vanilla.
This perfume is aromatic, is has a lot of sugary vanilla but is also balsamic and powdery with a bit of spiciness. On my skin, vanilla opens very strong, sweet and warm and thick and that makes it such a good fragrance for cold weather.
 Without the indian bay leaf note that brings a touch of dry, green and herbal touch I  don't think I would have love this perfume so much and in my opinion it would have been just another candy sweet, cupcake fragrance. I think this is a very grown up, sensual and quite seductive but elegant.
Love to wearing in the evening, it goes perfect with smokey eyelids, high heels,champagne, red nails, ballrooms and diamonds. 

Lolita Lempicka L'Eau en Blanc (water in white) is a dreamy and romantic fragrance inspired by the scent of white violets.This little potion is powdery, floral, sweet, woody, fruity.Top notes include powdery iris and violet leaves.Violet flower in the heart is enriched with sweet fruity aromas of cherry,raspberry and licorice, while the base is woody and a bit oriental from the accords of vetiver, tonka bean, heliotrope and musk.

For me this is a soft, clean scent that I can wear it with almost everything and not just in the Winter but in early Spring also. I love how this fragrance blooms on my skin, compared to the rest of my perfumes, Lolita Lempicka L'Eau en Blanc is very innocent, romantic almost angelic. I think this is perfect for during day, to wear with pearls or pastels at a high tea party and safe for work.

 Youth Dew by Estee Lauder is a oriental spicy fragrance, launched in 1953. This is definitely my favorite fragrance and I have bought it so many times  but 10 years ago it wasn't smelling on my skin the way it smells now when I am 35. This fragrance is warm spicy, balsamic, woody, earthy, powdery and aromatic.

Top notes are aldehydes, orange, spices, peach, bergamot, narcissus and lavender. Middle notes are cinnamon, cassia, orchid, jasmine, cloves, ylang -ylang, rose, lilly-of-the-valley and spicy notes. Base notes are tulu balsam, peru balsam, ambeR, patchouli, musk, vanilla, oakmoss, vetiver and incense. Complex isn't it ? 

Personally, I think this is the most sexy fragrance ever created. Described as an old lady perfume by some people Youth Dew by Estee Lauder is definitely for everyone because it smells intimidating, bold, too sexy and sultry. From all the notes I love the cinnamon and the smokey incense, is something that I find calming, uplifting, special. I feel happy when I wear this and not only happy but divine and attractive.

Lancome La Vie Est Belle was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend 2 years ago.This fragrance is a kind of outlook on life, inspired by joy and pleasure in small things. this bottle is a redesigned version of a classic Lancome bottle from 1949. Main accords are: sweet, vanilla, fruity,powdery, patchouli. Iris is the key ingredient of the perfume, surrounded by orange blossoms and jasmine in the heart. the opening provides fruity flavors of black currant and pear, while the base is warm , gourmand and powdery due to almond like accords of tonka bean, praline, patchouli and vanilla.

Today you can smell  La Vie Est Belle almost on everyone, the reason why I haven't been wearing it much lately. Sweet, feminine, elegant, exceptional longevity and a very nice projection.
 Best for nights out, flirting, romantic evenings .

  Jean Louis Scherrer, Nuits Indiennes is an Oriantal floral fragrance and is quite new in my collection. This is a beautiful fragrance but a bit difficult to describe. Deep and warm, seductive but not too heavy or intense, perfectly balanced and all notes are beautiful blended. Main accords: balsamic, amber, powdery, vanilla, sweet, floral.

Top notes: aldehydes, mandarin orange, fruity notes, peach, bergamot and lemon. Middle notes : lilac, jasmine , heliotrope, ylang-ylang, lilly -of -the -valley and rose. Base notes: amber, sandalwood, tonka bean, musk, benzoin, civet, vanilla and ceder 

Miss Dior edition 2012, discontinued. This fragrance has been reformulated way to many times, its never smelling the same anymore and its really difficult to find something very similar to the old Miss Dior from 2005. Main accords: patchouli, citrus, white floral, rose, warm spicy.
This fragrance represents freedom and seduction, characterized by an instant and captivating charm. Sophisticated with a youthful vibe, remarkable and lasting. A wonderful fragrance that I treasure and I don't want to finish.

Top notes:  Italian mandarin. Heart: Egyptian jasmine absolute and rose. Base: patchouli and musk.


  1. Oh wow,what a beautiful and big collection!I only have one and I use it all year around.I love to read your blog!

  2. I love Dior Miss Dior. Its one of my favorite Dior fragrances x


    1. me too but now that they don't make it anymore and that the new version sucks I won't buy it anymore.

  3. Great post, my dear <3 I like Miss Dior.
    Have a nice week
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  4. They look amazing! I like your blog, wanna follow each other?:)

  5. The only two I know are Lancome and Dior :) But would love to smell others as well