Estee Lauder Age Prevention Solutions

Not long ago I purchased this age prevention solution kit from Estee Lauder and I am really happy with it, as it has some new skin care products I wanted to try out. 
I guess when I bought this I was at the right time in the right place because it was the last box and it was also on sale from 60 euro to 35.

This Estee Lauder skin care kit it called Stay Young.Start Now.Your Age Prevention Solutions and it has 4 amazing skin care items, and one of the is the most popular serum, Advanced Night Repair. But this is not the reason I bought it, as I already had the serum. I really wanted to try out the eye cream without going for the full size.

Inside the box there was:
1 Advanced Night Repair Syncronized Recovery Complex II Serum (7ml)                             
1 Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream (5ml )
1 DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti -Oxidant Cream for normal to combination skin (15ml)
1 NightWear Plus Anti-Oxidant Night Detox Cream (15ml)

I already tried all of the products before writing this article and I guess I am ready to let you know how it worked out for me, so if you are interested please keep reading further.
Advanced Night Repair Syncronized Recovery Complex II Serum its always been one of my favorite Estee Lauder skin care products. It did miracles to my skin whenever I used it. I use it in my night skin care routine but also every day before my moisturizer and my foundation, and many times I even mixed it with my foundation and that also works out wonderfully. 
While using this serum I wake up with very smooth, soft and elastic skin. This serum combined with  NightWear Plus Anti-Oxidant Night Detox Cream becomes even more potent! I was really surprised to see the difference. The night cream helps the skin to detoxify from the visible effects that accumulate during day on  its surface and to purify it. This cream smells really fresh and it has a super light gel texture that get absorbed really fast. I have to say that since I use it, my pores are looking so much better and my skin is much more relaxed.  

NightWear Plus Anti-Oxidant Night Detox Cream has shea butter, gentian root extract, brown alga extracts( laminaria saccharinaand), tangerine peel extract, guava fruit extract, lemon fruit extract, bran oil extract,wheat germ extract, barley extract, coffee seed extract, grape seed extract, amazing ferments.
The ingredient list of this product its quite impressing and there are much more botanical ingredients that I mentioned.

Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream, this product its more silicon than water or anything else,but its also rich in ferments, fruit extracts, botanical ingredients and a touch of coconut oil. I have to confess that I had a lot of expectation from this cream. The lovely jar looks little but you will be surprised to know that 5 ml of eye cream lasts a very, very long time and this is why most of the time a full size of eye cream has only 15 ml and you will need to finish it in about 6 months or the cream will lose its potency.

The cream seems oily but its not, the texture its light and very pleasant and it doesn't run in your eye; I find it safe for the entire eye contour area.

I think its a lovely moisturizer for the eye area but I am not convinced of other benefits, I can get the same results with a much cheaper eye cream, but I am really grateful and happy I could try it out.

DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti -Oxidant Cream. I had this product before, its a really good cream and it has some of the botanical ingredients I mentioned for the NightWear Plus Anti-Oxidant Night Detox Cream. It has very little SPF, 15.

I love the light and fresh texture and the fact that I dont need to put half a jar of cream on my face to feel my skin soft and moisturized the entire day. I love this cream, works amazing as makeup base. I would recommend it to everyone who has problems layering the Double Wear Stay in Place Foundation.


  1. I was hoping the ye cream will be awesome. I'm always looking for new more hydrating eye cream, my under eye area is so dry :(

    Pink Frenzy

    1. Have you tried Clinique ? I like a lot their eye creams,and soon I want to try one from Origins. The one from ziaja also worked great and it so affordable, maybe you can try that one and see how it works out for you.

    2. I actually like an eye cream sensation. They seem to provide the best hydration so far x

  2. I love Estee Lauder products!
    Have a great weekend,
    Xoxo, Victoria