Makeup Talk And All Drugstore Makeup Look

Last year I have done a makeup look with only drugstore products and it ended up more popular than I expected, so I thought why not do this again and more often. I am thinking to actually do a makeup look only with drugstore products at least once a month. I think that would be fun and it will bring you and me the opportunity to discover new makeup gems at the drugstore. I am kind of excited about this!

I tried to use affordable makeup products, most of these products are really good and I use them quite often, alone or in combination with high end products. 

For this look I used some new products like a Bourjois blush I just got a week ago and my new Alverde mascara from dm but also older products from my makeup stash like my 4 year old Catrice  eyebrow set. 

 FACE:  The Ordinary Coverage Foundation - don't ask me about the shade because I need to mix a bunch of them to make something that fits me, but that happens with any foundation, other than that I think this is such an amazing foundation for the price.
               The Body Shop Matte Clay Full Coverage Concealer in Peruvian Lilly - this is the only concealer I am using under my foundation and not on top of it, just because it looks so much better this way. I used this on my chin where at the moment I some small blemishes and a very, very small amount under my eyes and on my eyelid as a primer. If you want to read more about this concealer you can check this review.
                The Body Shop Matte Clay Powder is my absolute favorite powder, I think it costs somewhere around 10 euro. A matte powder that doesn't feel dusty and that doesn't dry out skin. I bought these powders so many times and if you want to know more about this matte powder you have a review here

Bourjois Blush in Cedre De Rose Brune is one of my last makeup additions. I saw that Bourjois has new blushes and I like how they looked and I thought I should try one to see if I like the texture and the color and .... it's the smallest blush ever. LOL. I think it has 2.5g but it looks really pretty and cute and it smells beautiful ! This blush is not very pigmented but it gives a nice, sheer flush of color and a lovely radiance that makes you look fresh and youthful, don't you think?

Catrice Matt Bronzer in Medium Skin  

EYES:  Catrice Eyebrow Set - darkest powder   
                The Body Shop Matte Clay Full Coverage Concealer as a primer
                Bourjois Blush in Cedre De Rose Brune as eyeshadow - it goes on beautiful and even.
                Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Central Perk used as eyeliner, something else than a classic black
                Alverde False Lash Mascara in Black, this was less than 3 euro but don't expect super dense and curly lashes from it. I hate the wand and for some strange reason I stab myself in the eye almost every time when I use it. I guess you have to zoom in to actually get to see my lashes :)))
                NYX Wander Pencil in Light on my water line - I thought it will make my eye look a bit bigger and I thought maybe it will look cool but now that I look at it (obsessively) I feel like it looks a bit tacky. What do you think ?

LIPS:  Catrice Lip Liner in Cherry On Top 
              Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lipstick in Real Red all over my lips with Peony Pink in the center and blended together for an ombre effect.

 After 8 hours my makeup looked still fresh, my eyeliner never smudged, not even after 14H when I had to remove my makeup. Because I used too much lipstick, after 40 minutes of talking my lipstick started to peal off and I had to wipe it off and re-apply, this time less product. End result was better and the lipstick lasted longer without any other issue like pealing or cracking.


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