London Fashion Week Trend, Makeup with Pressed Flowers

Apparently there was a thing at the London Fashion Week with models walking the runway covered in delicate pressed petals.The result was dreamy, creative, beautiful, romantic and inspiring.

Replacing blush, lipstick, and even jewelry, makeup artist Val Garland pressed dried daisies, ferns, cornflowers, and forget-me-nots onto models’ collarbones, foreheads, cheeks and even on the  lips.With help from MAC Cosmetics, Garland decorated the model's faces for what she called a "woodland fairy" look.

I saw on MAC UK Instagram story how they created the look , I got inspired and because I loved it so much I had to create my own blooming makeup look. Personally I wish we could just wear this on a daily base, its just so magical ! .... maybe sometimes all we need are some flowers....on the face :)

Step 1: Get some flowers (fresh or pressed ).
Step 2: Put 'em on your face and use a dash of creativity to place them. You're all set!

To keep the flowers in place you can use Duo Lash Adhesive or Vaseline. I have tried Vaseline and it worked really great.



  1. This is so pretty look! You look like fairy ;)


  2. You look awesome!

    Enjoy your Sunday,
    Xoxo, Victoria

  3. So beautiful!!

  4. Great idea, love the result, is very special and gorgeous.
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    Have a beautiful evening!

  5. Love it! I like your blog, wanna follow each other?