Pixi Liquid Fairy Lights - review, photos and color swatches

Right in time for the festival season Pixi by Petra released this beautiful glow makeup collection that has 5 stunning and super sparkly liquid eyeshadows and 2 splendid glow powders.

The Liquid Fairy Lights eyeshadows  are indeed ultra sparkly and full of 3D shimmering glitter. I was like wow, this is magical ! As you can see they look very similar to a lip gloss, in the beginning when just got them I really thought they are lip glosses, silly me!
Pixi Liquid Fairy Lights comes in 5 shades: Crystaline, SunRay, RoseGold, BareBrilliance and PasionLight. Most of them have just a silver sparkle, except for PassionLight that has some cooper sparkles mixed in with the silver ones. 

Crystalline, my absolute favorite has blue and peach mixed in with the silver and in my opinion is really the one that stands out and looks really magical because it has a bit more dimension than the others. 

These liquid eyeshadows set  in place very fast once they are dry and there is almost no fall out glitter.
They dry very fast and there is no sticky or gluey texture to it, they have a brilliant long lasting formula.
I was wearing Crystalline on bare skin on my eyelids for hours outside in the sun and it looked so gorgeous. Like I said they can be used on top of any eyeshadow or you can use it solo on bare skin and you dont even need a primer or anything, isn't that great ?

 What I really love about these super sparkly eyeshadows full of gorgeous glitter particles and what really impressed me was how easy and simple you can remove it from your skin. You dont need any special makeup remover or duct tape or anything complicated, all you need is water and a soft wet cloth to wipe it off, so easy!  

I have a bunch of friends that are so into glitter and I truly hope that they are going to try these products because they are absolutely fantastic! Also, I realized that you are never too old to wear sparkly and glitter makeup and feel magical about yourself, so thank you Pixi from my heart for this insanely gorgeous gift !


  1. They're so beautiful!!

  2. They really are beautiful and they are reminiscent of Stila's Glitter and Glow liquid eyeshadows. Do you know the price?

    1. Yes they are pretty much like the ones from Stila,I think the price starts somewhere from 15 euro depends where you decide to order.